A Bright Business Opportunity

Faraje Kharsa, iTAN Franchising’s founder and CEO, first immigrated to the United States as a teenager in hopes of creating a better life. Kharsa managed many small businesses and two well-known franchises, but dreamt of creating a business he could truly call his own. Inspired by the American Dream of achieving success through hard work and persistence, Kharsa took his first step toward the launch of iTAN Franchising. It was the convergence of many favorable circumstances that ignited Kharsa’s vision for creating a tangible impact amongst his community. Kharsa knew that tanning salons were highly profitable, easy to run and had recently discovered the perfect location to open a new salon. Without any readily available assets, Kharsa and his wife, Irina, worked together to help build the first iTAN in 2001. In the beginning, the two took turns working behind the counter, sanitizing beds, cleaning the premises and serving customers. They learned early on that the optimal way to generate predictable income and provide the best value to their growing client base was to create an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) program; a membership program with multiple services suitable for everyone, from students to working professionals.

As brand recognition grew, the Kharsas knew iTAN could continue to set the bar for local tanning salons by providing a beautiful salon interior, high-end equipment, unbeatable customer service and well-priced memberships. Fellow entrepreneurs who sought a turn-key business concept shared their interest in becoming a part of the iTAN family, which launched the start of iTAN Franchising in 2009.  iTAN continues to grow as both a tanning salon and the one-stop-shop for wellness and beauty throughout Southern California. Today, iTAN offers UV tanning services, spray tanning services, and self-administered spa treatments, creating a daily retreat that’s accessible for the masses. iTAN sets itself apart from the competition by providing a stellar salon experience in addition to the results-driven services offered.  As iTAN continues to grow and evolve, it remains backwards compatible, with a constant reminder that it all started from a simple dream.