10 Ways to De-stress

Posted on April 7th, 2017

Instant de-stress remedies you can do right now!

When you’re experiencing one of those seriously stressful moments, the very best thing you can do is change your state of mind and stop feeding the stress beast. If you don’t feed it (with your thoughts, emotions, etc.) the stress beast WILL retreat back into its unhappy cave, leaving you aglow in the SoCal sunshine. Check out the recommendations below for instant de-stress success!

10 ways to de-stress like, now.

#1 Sing your problems. Capture what is stressing you out in a sentence or two, and belt that stress out like you’re Adele at the Grammys.

#2 List three things you are grateful for. Find the good in the present moment. List anything that immediately comes to mind for an instant emotional pick me up.

#3 Pat a dog. Or a cat, chicken, or cow… Animals are the ultimate smile-makers.

#4 Exercise. Release that pent-up emotion and get your endorphins flowing. Working out is proven to help alleviate stress.

#5 Breathe. Even just a few minutes of mindful breathing can help ease stress.

#6 Do something nice for someone else. Hold a door open, ask your Lyft driver how their day is going… Consciously choose to spread positivity, even when you least feel like it.

#7 Write/Color/Draw: Channel your angst into art. Adult coloring books are one trendy option! Find the creative medium that feels most natural to YOU.

#8 Talk about it. Be it to a therapist, BFF, significant other, parent, sibling, chicken, or cow… Don’t keep things bottled up.

#9 Recite a mantra. Find or create a 2-3 word phrase that inspires you. A good way to start is with “I am.” It can be as simple as repeating, “I am okay,” aloud or silently. You will start to feel it.

#10 Strategize. What better way to escape a stress rut, than to start planning how you’re going to climb out?