Spring Cleaning Fun

Posted on April 28th, 2017

You read correctly: Spring Cleaning FUN!

DIY aromatherapy makes spring cleaning way, way better! Check it out:

Step #1: Choose your scent.

Energizing orange. Brain-boosting peppermint. Dreamy lavender. Romantic rose… and more! What mood do you want to set in your space for this new season? (Tip: Check out our easy guide to aromatherapy.)

Step #2: Assess your surfaces.

What works on glass, might not work on wood. (But don’t worry, we have recipes for both below.)

Step #3: Turn up some music.

Dancing around the house makes anything better!

Step #3 Make your all-purpose essential oil cleaner.

(For everything EXCEPT glass.)

You’ll need:
–3/4 cups water
–1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
–5-10 drops of essential oil (Learn how to make your own here!)
–Empty 16oz spray bottle
Let’s do this: Pour all ingredients into the spray bottle, shake it up, and voila!

Step #4 Make your glass cleaner

You’ll need:
–1/4 cup white vinegar
–1 cup water
–Slices of lemon and/or orange (skinny enough to fit through top of bottle)
–Empty 16oz spray bottle
Let’s do this: Combine ingredients in spray bottle and—you guessed it!—shake it up.

Step #5 Make your own essential oil diffuser.

There are two options we love for this, one is extra fragrant and one is SUPER simple. Here we go:

The extra-fragrant DIY diffuser

You’ll need:
–.5 oz your favorite essential oil(s)
–1 oz almond oil
–5 diffuser reeds
–Decorative glass bottle
Let’s do this: Combine essential and almond oils in jar. (Tip: don’t be afraid to use more than one essential oil scent!) Add diffuser reeds.

The SUPER simple diffuser:

You’ll need:
–A cute little dish or bowl (Like the one for soy sauce at your fave sushi spot.)
–Enough dry white rice to fill the dish/bowl
–20 drops of your fave essential oil(s)
Let’s do this: Okay seriously, this is almost too easy. Rice in bowl. Drops of essential oil on rice. Stir. DONE. (Tip: if you notice your amazing aromatherapy scent starting to fade, just add a few more drops of essential oil and stir it up again!)

See. Spring cleaning is FUN you guys!