March Madness Yoga

Posted on March 31st, 2017

March Madness Yoga Guide

Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, you can still make the most of the 68 or so games played in the March Madness tournament. And you can do this by turning it into a pretty stellar workout (and laughter) opportunity.

March Madness Yoga Rules

So this is how it works. When something happens in the game, you bust out a yoga pose. This is going to get silly, and it’s going to be awesome! Before the game starts, pick a team. It doesn’t matter if you do not actually care who wins. This is about your March Madness yoga practice.

  • Coin Toss: One sun salutation
    ——-If your team wins the toss: Mountain pose
    ——-If your team loses the toss: Chair pose
  • Check: Tree pose
  • Commercial break: Plank (Hold at least 30 seconds!)
  • Your team gets a slam dunk: Warrior I pose
  • Your team scores a 3-pointer: Warrior III pose
  • And 1: Namaste
  • Injury on the court: Side plank (Hold until game resumes!)
  • Foul: Lion’s breath (Open mouth, stick out tongue, and exhale with a loud HA!)l>
  • Your team lands a free throw: Warrior II
  • Your team misses a free throw: Forward fold
  • Coach yells at ref: Down dog (Until the yelling stops)
  • Coach yells at player: Tree pose (Until the yelling stops)
  • Fight on the court: Pick your plank! (Hold it until play resumes)
  • Your team wins: Dance party (Nope, that’s not a yoga thing)
  • Your team loses: Dance party (Still not a yoga thing, but still a good idea!)

Even if you’re not a fan, March Madness can be super fun. Entertain yourself, break a sweat, and maybe find a little Zen.