June Gloom Fun

Posted on June 7th, 2017

Seriously why is it so cloudy in June?

Here in SoCal, it’s sunny and perfectly warm like… almost all the days of the year. The funny thing is, when June rolls around and much of the country is all, “Yay, it’s finally warm enough to ditch the parka and get outdoors,” for us on the SoCal coast, it’s the opposite.

It’s cloudy. And it’s cold! (60 degrees IS COLD.) In other words, we’re facing a nasty little reality called June Gloom.

Technically, June Gloom consists of: the cold Pacific Ocean, the California Current, and the Pacific High (a high-pressure formation). All of this swirls together and makes for some gray, chilly days. Which for us Southern Californians, can be a major bummer. But it doesn’t have to be. Cloudy days can be pretty rad, if you just make the best of them!

Check out our list of ten ways to make June Gloom fun:

  1. Binge watch your fave TV shows. (In your oldest, comfiest, least-presentable sweats.)
  2. Invite your besties over for a movie marathon.
  3. Get crafty. It’s the perfect opportunity for a DIY project, like making your own candles and essential oils.
  4. Can you say at-home spa? Make your own foot scrub and face mask.
  5. Bake things. Nothing beats a gloomy day like CUPCAKES.
  6. Clean! (Because seriously you know you won’t want to do it when that sun is back out.)
  7. Curl up with a good book.
  8. Go to the movies.
  9. Call your friends on the East Coast. (They might forgive you for all those beach pics you posted on Instagram when they were in the middle of a blizzard.)
  10. Come warm up at iTAN!