iTAN Membership Your Way

Posted on May 31st, 2017

Did you know you can create your own, custom iTAN Membership? 

One-size-fits-all just never fits quite right—right!? (We’re talking about you, super-cute, inexpensive bralettes…) Actually, we’re talking about your membership at iTAN. When you join an iCLUB, you can customize your iTAN membership to include the Sun, Spray, and Spa services that suit one-and-only you!

If you don’t want to choose between Sun, Spray, and Spa—you don’t have to.
The very best value iTAN membership lets you enjoy ALL THREE, for one low monthly fee. (That even rhymes. Best thing ever.)

Or, let’s say you know you’ll only use a membership for Spray and Spa services.
Yup—you can customize an iTAN membership for that too! Just one low monthly fee for Spray and Spa perfection. #GlowBabyGlow

And there are so many more perks to having an iTAN membership.

iCLUB members receive 30% off their first product purchase, and 15% off all regular-priced products after that. We’re also super-stoked to share that we’ll guarantee your rate for the life of your membership…. Which you can enjoy at any of our 31 salon locations! It’s part of our genuine commitment to our members’ satisfaction. And there’s so much more!

Check out the iTAN services menu for lots more details on the iCLUB membership.

But don’t worry about having to make a decision all on your own. That’s what the iTAN Salon Consultants are here to help with. Stop in to your local salon, call your local salon or even contact us on our website. In true iTAN fashion, it’s all about what best suits YOU. We’ll be here. 🙂