Fun Workout Tips

Posted on January 23rd, 2017

Working out can be fun.

Yes, you read that right. Working out, can be fun! If for you it is more on par with a trip to the dentist (or maybe you’d actually prefer the dentist) read on for some easy ways to make your workouts awesome in 2017!

Fun Workout Tips:

1. Mix up your music. Do you listen to the same workout playlist every time you exercise? Or (OMG NO) do you not even LISTEN to music?! Whether preprogrammed or streaming, customize your workout music based on your mood and exercise goals. Having a moment? Try running to some Nirvana throwbacks. Feeling like the sun is shining JUST for you? Top 40 for the win. Want to leave it all on the treadmill? Adele! (Just tell any haters, iTAN said there’s no shame in crying at the gym.) You get the picture!

2. Mix it up. It is no bueno for your body—or mind—to do the same workout every day. A combination of high and low impact activity keeps things interesting, and won’t overstress your muscles. And with so many fun workout options available, why not!? Here’s a sample of epic exercise experience you could fill your week with. Don’t look at it as having to workout. Look at it as getting to do super cool stuff that also keeps you healthy inside and out. (And combined with your iTAN glow; looking FABULOUS.)

Sample week:

  • Sunday: Rest (important!)
  • Monday: Run on the beach
  • Tuesday: Yoga
  • Wednesday: Cardio pole dancing with your girls
  • Thursday: Rest (or even try a super chill yin yoga sesh)
  • Friday: Run / weights at the gym
  • Saturday: Yoga

3. Workout BFFs. WBFFs are going to call you out. When you say, you can’t go to cardio pole because you forgot you have to binge watch Gilmore Girls, they are going to say, no. Not today girl. And they are going to get your butt to class. And for that you will (hate them) but then, you will love them!

Tunes, fun, friends. And… repeat. Working out does not have to mean work! Go get ‘em tiger!!!