Customized Spray Tanning

Posted on July 3rd, 2017

Make every Spray tanning sesh at iTAN perfect for YOU.

Want to know another reason Spray tanning at iTAN is so awesome? Customization! Yup, it goes way beyond just choosing a light, medium, or dark solution for your spray. Get to know all of your choices for customizing your Mystic® and VersaSpa® Spray tanning sessions below. NOTE: Orange and streaky is NEVER an option. 🙂


When you choose the VersaSpa® Pro auto-spray, you can:

  • Add an immediate bronzing boost.
  • Prep with a pH balancing skin treatment for better, faster results.
  • Finish with a hydrating treatment to make that bronze last and last. (And go home smelling SO good!)


When you choose the Mystic® HD Spray Booth, you can customize your spray with Mystic Myxers!

Myxer #1: Accelerator. Balance your skin’s pH for flawless, longer-lasting color… way faster. This amazing additive gives you the ability to shower in just 3 hours so you can feel fresh for that party you just can’t miss.

Myxer #2: Bronzer. Don’t have eight hours to wait for your glow to develop? Add INSTANT color with a Kyss of bronzer. Your options are:

  • Mocha Kyssed: Warm brown undertones for a classic bronze.
  • Honey Kyssed: Warm brown with golden undertones for… you guessed it! A golden glow.
  • Island Kyssed: Cool brown with violet undertones for an exotic tan.
  • Sun Kyssed: Warm brown with red undertones for a “day in the sun” sparkle.

Myxer #3: Scent. Leave your Spray tan looking gorgeous, AND smelling delicious! Choose from scents like warm vanilla and coconut lime, or pick a special seasonal option.

So many Spray tanning choices!

Not sure how to choose between VersaSpa® and Mystic®? Wondering which Bronzing Myxer is best for your skin tone? That is exactly what we are here for! Talk with an iTAN expert at your favorite iTAN salon. We love guiding clients toward their perfect Spray tan experience.