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Congratulations to Leslee Baker, Miss iTAN 2014! Leslee is originally from Chicago and experienced a few different cities before making sunny San Diego her home. She loves living the Southern California lifestyle because she feels everyone strives to stay active and healthy. Leslee recently shared with the iTAN team more about her Southern California experiences since moving from Chicago. “We’re fortunate to have so many fresh ingredients, organic restaurants and different options to choose from. On the weekends it’s refreshing to see everyone at the beach and outdoors hiking, bike riding, surfing and jogging.”

Leslee stays active by going to the gym and trying to switch up her routine whether it’s cardio, classes or incorporating different workout routines from fitness magazines, yoga, as well as hiking on the weekends. “My favorite place to hike is Torrey Pines because I walk from Del Mar, so I get to experience the beach as well,” Leslee said. “My sister is my workout buddy and helps me stay motivated when my fuel is running low after work. I believe having fun while being active is really important.”

Family and faith are what Leslee holds true the most, because with any decision and whatever life throws her way, she can rely on their support. She’s also learned that following her passion is more important than listening to what everyone else believes she should do because in the end, “you’re the only one who knows how you should live your life”.

Lelsee is excited to be an ambassador for iTAN and represent all that it has to offer. “From the moment I walked in to iTAN and set up a membership, I was thoroughly impressed with the professional service, cleanliness, knowledge and kindness from the staff and it’s been the same ever since. To be a part of it and be a representative is such an honor.” When asked what she hopes to accomplish in her role as Miss iTAN 2014, Leslee expressed her enthusiasm for the brand and local community. “I hope to be an active participant in the expansion of iTAN and see the community be a part as well. I hope that by being active in it I can encourage and inspire others to join and experience the sense of family and awareness of all the wonderful services that are available. I hope that I will also inspire others to be confident and portray the best self they can be… to be happy and live happily.”

Leslee’s lifestyle tip: Strive to be the best you that you can be. Not anyone else, but your individual self.

Leslee’s favorite services: I love the Sun Angel and iTAN Smart beds because they have skin sensors to personalize your tanning session and gradually build your tan. They also have spray misters to keep you comfortable and cool during your tan. I love the Beauty Angel as well because the platform you stand on vibrates while the red light firms and tightens your skin. I also love the teeth whitening.

Leslee’s favorite products: I would recommend using the activation effect spray for the Beauty Angel for optimal results. All of the tanning lotions for the beds are great, but my favorites are Swedish Beauty Dark and Dangerous lotion and Kardashian Glow because they smell really good and help bring out a nice rich color.

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iMAN 2013iMAN

Congratulations to Scott Kemp, our new iMAN 2013! Scott will join our Miss iTAN, Brooke Mollring as the face of our brand. This year was the biggest iMAN competition that we have ever had. Scott competed two years ago, taking home the runner-up title. He came back this year with determination and a large fan club to bring home first place, the $1,000 prize and Unlimited sun, spray, spa services for a year.

His favorite part of the competition was meeting the other competitors and working with the iTAN staff to make the event all come together.

Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles, and currently lives in Pacific Beach. He graduated from California State University San Marcos with a B.A. in Business Management. He has been a professional paintball athlete since the age of 18. His competitions have taken him and his team across the world, allowing him to meet many people from different walks of life, who have greatly influenced him. Kemp is also a personal trainer and online fitness coach. He enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals and seeing them succeed. Kemp said, “There is no better feeling in the world than to hear someone tell you, ‘you changed my life and I have never been happier nor more confident.’”

As the new iMAN, Scott is looking forward to becoming a bigger part of iTAN and being able to promote the brand and the lifestyle it encompasses.

“I have never experienced such an enjoyable and professional tanning salon as I do every time I step into iTAN,” said Scott Kemp. “I want to promote iTAN so others can look and feel their best as well!”

Best fitness tip: Be consistent with workouts and nutrition. Don’t let the weekends get you off your diet and fitness routine.
Favorite Services: Sun Angel, Teeth Whitening
Favorite Product: Anything Australian Gold
Fun Fact (there are many): Scott was voted the number one hot body by Pacific Magazine and even made the cover.

Scott will be featured in several iTAN photo shoots, advertisements, promotions, events and many more exciting opportunities. we want to thank all of our customers, friends and family for making this a reality.

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