What’s it like to own an iTAN franchise?

Posted on January 22nd, 2016

January is the perfect time to launch your new business! Most franchise models are designed to provide actionable plans to set you up for success. iTAN offers a fresh approach to franchising in the tanning industry. Today’s tanners expect their salon to provide the best in customer service, equipment, memberships and aesthetics. iTAN not only created the programs in place to exceed these expectations, but also developed the foundation for a concept that thrives on minimal infrastructure and décor that’s easy to obtain among existing salons.

We chatted with iTAN franchise owner, Matt Stracner, for the inside scoop on what it’s like to own an iTAN franchise.

1. Give us an overview of how you became involved with iTAN? Also, which franchise locations do you currently operate?
I had two of my own tanning salons in 2003, and noticed iTAN had four locations and was growing rapidly. I predicted the tanning industry would consolidate into a few large players so I joined iTAN and converted my two salons. Since then, I have added six more and now I currently own eight iTAN salons. The locations I own and operate are La Jolla, USD/Morena, Escondido, La Costa, Del Mar, Hillcrest, San Marcos and Santee.

2. How does iTAN fit your business needs?
I prefer the franchise model so I can focus on empowering my employee teams and our customers. As a franchisee, I don’t have to focus on marketing, new trends and changes in our business environment because the corporate office does all of this for me. This allows me to focus on my business.

3. How has iTAN successfully helped you manage your franchise locations through training, marketing, etc.?
iTAN has complete online training modules and in-house training so this helps a lot. Also, iTAN does all of our marketing, social media, etc. which is a big time saver.

4. What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is interested in joining the iTAN franchise?
Treat it the same as you would any new business venture, always do your due diligence and talk to as many franchisees as possible. This is how you will get some of the best information about the business.

5. Overall, what do you feel has been the top key benefit of purchasing an iTAN franchise?
The top key benefit of purchasing iTAN franchises has been not having to figure everything out. I much prefer the franchise model because the corporate team lays out the best plan and all you have to do is follow it. You save a lot of time by not having to figure everything out, including changes in the industry, marketing, training and more, because it’s what they do. I just focus on my employees and clients and do the best I can to serve them.

iTAN has 30 locations throughout Southern California. For more information click here.