What are the basics of a franchise?

Posted on December 11th, 2017

What are the basics of a franchise? iTAN Franchising, Inc. creates actionable plans to set-up your franchise salon for success. Recently we spoke with iTAN Franchisee Jill Cudia who just opened up her salon in Morgan Hill regarding her take on the basics of a franchise and what her experience has been as a new entrepreneur.

Here’s what Jill shared with us:

Give us an overview of how you became involved with iTAN Franchising, Inc.?
Prior to my role as an iTAN franchisee, I held a Supply Chain Director position in the high tech industry. I decided I wanted to be my own boss, so I left that job to create my own future. As opposed to someone making money off my hard work, I wanted to be in control of my profitability.

I started doing research within the tanning industry because in the town I live in, there is only one tanning salon. After looking at many franchises, I kept coming back to iTAN so I scheduled a trip to Southern California for a meet and greet. I wanted to see how iTAN runs along with its business practices. I spent a full day with the team and everyone blew me away. Faraje has a passion for the industry, and has a financial and business acumen that is second to none. I was sold after that visit, and made the commitment to buy an iTAN franchise and bring it up to the Northern California Bay Area.

2. How does iTAN Franchising, Inc. fit your business needs?
iTAN Franchising, Inc. has given me control of my future, my financial success and made me an entrepreneur. Not sure it can get any better than that!

3. How has iTAN Franchising, Inc. successfully helped you manage your franchise locations through training, marketing, etc.?
iTAN covers all the bases. They assisted me in finding a location, negotiating a lease, designing the layout, finding a contractor, buying the building material and negotiating contracts with suppliers. That included buying fixtures, tiles, tanning beds, tanning products and even the office equipment.

Once you are ready to open the doors, the IT support is phenomenal. The marketing, training and round the clock contact to make my soft and grand opening were 100% successful and amazing. I can’t say enough about the team that works at iTAN. It truly feels like they are an extension of your team, so you always know you have all of their support.

4. Overall, what do you feel has been the top key benefit of purchasing an iTAN franchise?
The top benefit has been being my own boss and working with all the people in my community. I love what I do, and every day is a great day!

5. Anything else you’d like to share?
It is not easy, but is very, very gratifying when you finally open the doors. On the way to the salon on my opening day, I actually said out loud, “I did it!” and without a doubt has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.