Wedding Season Beauty Tips

Posted on May 19th, 2017

Look your best for wedding season!

Wedding season is underway. Know what can redeem even the most “interesting” of bridesmaids dresses? Gorgeous, glowing skin!

The first question is, when is the wedding?

If you have time to build that goddess bronze: Sun tanning might be your best option. Our Sun Pro and Sun Plus beds allow you to customize your tan for facial and shoulder bronzing, and some of the Sun Pro beds even offer skin-sensing technology—calculating a custom tanning session based on your unique skin type! PLUS these beds offer amazing features such as aqua mist, climate control, and an MP3 hookup to play your own music. How good does that sound?!

If you need right-now results and sun tanning is not your thing: Talk to an iTAN consultant about the perfect spray tanning option for you! iTAN offers auto-spray and airbrush options. The VERSASPA® even features a cosmetic bronzer for a sun-kissed glow you can see immediately! Don’t wait until the big day to come in for your spray tanning sesh though. Read why (and more insider spray tan tips) here.

For head-to-toe pampering: Because… being a bridesmaid can be stressful! iTAN spa services are the perfect way to get away… without having to leave town. Slip in for a detoxifying FIT® Bodywrap (far-infrared heat to break down cellulite AND sooth aches and pains), put your best face forward with a Photo Facial, tone face and body with the Beauty Angel®… and we’re only getting started! Did you know iTAN even offers state-of-the-art teeth whitening? It is our goal to help you feel your best, from head to toe.