Valentine’s Weekend Traditions

Posted on February 17th, 2017

Valentine’s Day Weekend is here!

That statement probably made you do one of three things:
#1 Roll your eyes because cupid is a big jerk.
#2 Smile and blush because OMG cupid is just completely amazing!!!
#3 Check your calendar because wait what? Cupid is in town?

Whatever you’re feeling about the impending Valentine’s weekend—and this lovey-dovey hearts and flowers everywhere you look time of year in general—we’re going to suggest something bold and kind of out there instead:

#4 Feel empowered to play cupid yourself.

Don’t worry, it isn’t about matchmaking! It’s about using Valentine’s Day to celebrate love beyond greeting cards and boxes of chocolate.

What if you make this the year you start a new Valentine’s tradition; one of sharing love in a way that makes the world just a little bit brighter, and makes you feel great too? Below check out some ideas for starting your own alternative Valentine’s tradition. Feel the love. Make Valentine’s weekend your own. (And by all means, eat the chocolate!)

Ideas for an Alternative Valentine’s Day

  • Love nature (Go for a hike, start a garden, do a beach clean-up!)
  • Love animals (Volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue / foster an animal.)
  • Love those in need (Volunteer at a senior citizen home or with Big Sisters of San Diego.)
  • Love the homeless (Volunteer with a homeless outreach group.)
  • Love someone grumpy (Cheer up a coworker or friend who is going through it.)
  • Love your parents (Call mom and/or dad and just to say, “I love you!”)
  • Love music (Perform at an open mic or volunteer at a festival!)
  • Love yourself (Treat yourself to something special. You deserve it!)