UV Lotion 411

Posted on July 5th, 2017

Maximize your Sun session with the tanning lotion that’s best for you!

So, you’ve probably noticed iTAN offers lots of different UV lotion options. Have you ever Designer Skin – Bombshell UV tingle lotionwondered, what they actually DO!? (Besides of course, moisturizing and smelling yummy.)

Every UV tanner has got to get the 411 on tanning lotions in order to get that tan they’ve been dreaming about. Seriously guys, there is so much tanning lotions can do for your skin, and it is no bueno to skip this critical prep step!

Let’s talk intensifiers, bronzers, and tingles — and arm you with some info before your next Sun sesh. #KnowledgeIsPower

The UV Lotion 411:

Swedish Beauty - Sustain Natural IntensifierIntensifiers: No bronzer in here! This lotion will pamper your skin and help you build color gradually, an option especially preferred for fairer complexions. TRY: Swedish Beauty – Sustain Natural Intensifier, in a Tropical Breeze scent

Natural Bronzers: Immediate results — with no DHA — for an instant, natural glow! Not an “I just spent 3 weeks on the islands” deep tan. (But of course we can help you with that, too. See below!) TRY: Australian Gold – Superior Natural Bronzer, in the Unattainable Apple scent

Dark Bronzers: The high priestess of bronzing lotions. This one DOES contain Australian Gold - Superior Natural Bronzer
DHA, so it’s for the tanner who wants to develop the deepest, darkest color. BONUS: Because DHA is a delayed bronzer, you’ll not only see right-now bronze goddess results, your color will continue to deepen for three hours after your sash.
TRY: Designer Skin – Miss Designer, in a Sparkling Pear fragrance

Tingles: Okay we’re gonna talk a little science here, but just for a minute! Tingles are so-called because well, they make your skin feel tingly. More specifically, they increase your skin cells’ oxygenation, and THAT provides a deep, dark tan — fast. TRY: Designer Skin – Bombshell, in a Kiwi Strawberry fragrance

Designer Skin - Miss Designer

Make sure to talk with your iTAN expert about your unique skin needs! Many UV lotions have benefits beyond tanning, like wrinkle-minimizing (not that you have any!) pore perfecting, and aromatherapy benefits. Unless you’re double dipping, never skip the lotion. (Learn more about the double dip in our next blog post!)