5 reasons why you need unlimited iTAN services

Posted on September 24th, 2017

Ever wondered what you can do with unlimited iTAN services? An all-inclusive iTAN membership or, Sun Spray Spa iCLUB, gives you access to unlimited sunbed, spray tan, and spa sessions. Plus, you also gain top-tier access to iCLUB Rewards which often includes up to 40% off multi-use products.

Need more reasons to switch over to a Sun Spray Spa iCLUB? Here’s 5 reasons why you need unlimited iTAN services.

1. Less is not more, more is more
A Sun Spray Spa iCLUB membership let’s you spray tan up to once a day, cross tan between sunbeds, and try every spa service on our menu. The possibilities are endless with unlimited use of services, including: Sun Lite beds, Sun Plus beds, Sun Pro beds, the MysticHD spray booth, the VersaSpa spray booth, the FIT Bodywrap, the Hydration Station, the Photo Facial, the Beauty Angel and the Aqua Jet Therapy.

2. Maintain a healthier suntan
Our number one recommendation when it comes to sunbed sessions is to build your glow gradually. Building up your tan over time helps your skin stay healthy and hydrated! An unlimited membership allows you to space out your sun sessions in order to best suit your needs.

3. Try every spray tan color and find your perfect one
Should you Mystic or Versa? Find the perfect one for you! An unlimited membership gives you access to six different variations, including Mystic and Versa in light, medium and dark, so you can find the perfect color to complement your unique skin tone. Plus, each spray is completely customizable in the sense that you can add scents, bronzers and other additives to ensure the color is exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Spa day, any day
Remember that blog post about robes? You don’t have to swing by iTAN for just one service. A Sun Spray Spa iCLUB membership allows you to hop from sun services to spa services in one visit. Build your perfect spa day by mixing and matching your preferred pampering services.

5. Double dip, triple dip
Neither is a faux pas at iTAN! Try a sunbed session before your spray tan for an added glow. You can even use one of our favorite triple dips: Hydration Station, Sun Angel and a Mystic for the ultimate color building and skin rejuvenating experience!