Triple Dip at the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale

Posted on February 7th, 2016

Typically, triple dipping is a major faux pas, but during the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale it’s the best way to go! The iTAN Semi-Annual Sale is happening from February 19-21, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to bring you all the sun, spray and spa you want for only $1 per service.

So what exactly is triple dipping? Triple dipping is experiencing three services, sun, spray and spa, to achieve the beautiful results you desire.

Check out iTAN’s favorite ways to triple dip below:

Triple Dip Option One aka Glowing Spa Beauty
For a spa-like and glowing triple dip experience, we recommend Hydration Station, sunbed and Beauty Angel sessions.

Step 1 – Hop into the Hydration Station!
Have you ever suntanned only to find a teeny tiny white spot on your flawless skin? The reason for this is because blood isn’t circulating in that area. The Hydration Station warms up your skin and can increase blood circulation for beautiful results. Plus, the Hydration Station uses minerals and moisture to create the ideal canvas for sun tanning.

Step 2 – Pick your favorite sunbed!
Select your favorite sunbed and chat with our friendly consultants for proper use instructions. We love our SunPro sunbeds that virtually eliminate overexposure. More on that here

Step 3 – Firm up in our Beauty Angel!
The Beauty Angel features red light therapy to tighten skin and boost collagen on a Vibra Shape exercise platform that creates a glowing complexion while firming and toning the body.

Triple Dip Option Two aka Toned Bronzed Beauty
For maximum glow and toning, we recommend Beauty Angel, sunbed and Spray sessions during your visit.

Step 1 – Perfect your tone with Beauty Angel!
The Beauty Angel can improve your overall skin complexion to help with any dark marks, etc. The red light in Beauty Angel is collagen boosting and its Vibra Shape exercise platform helps with overall toning.

Step 2 – Create a natural golden glow in your favorite sunbed!
Make sure to use a tanning lotion that is free of minerals or silicone. If you need help, just ask one of our consultants, and they’ll show you the best lotions for triple dipping. Lotions with silicone and minerals are great, but they are not recommended when you choose to sunbed tan and spray tan back to back.

Step 3 – Use your favorite Spray Booth for a customizable color from light to dark!

Triple Dip Option Three aka Hydrated Bronzed Beauty
For maximum glow with a touch of spa, we recommend Hydration Station, sunbed and Spray Booth sessions. Please note this triple dip option should be completed during two separate iTAN visits.

Step 1 – Pick your favorite aroma or minerals, like aloe vera, or apply Slender Serum before starting a session in the Hydration Station.

Step 2 – Relax in sunshine in your favorite sunbed and use your favorite lotion!

Step 3 – Because your skin needs to be free of minerals and oils before spray tanning, we recommend doing steps 1 and 2 on one day, and saving step 3 for the next day. For best results, apply pre-tan intensifier for longer lasting color.

You can also feel free to swap any spa service and create your very own custom triple dip. iTAN has six spa services, including FIT Bodywrap, Teeth Whitening, Hydration Station, Photo Facial, Beauty Angel and Aqua Jet Therapy so you can customize your perfect sun, spray and spa experience.

Triple dip all you want for only $1 per service during the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale happening from February 19-21, 2016. See you there!
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