Tops Signs You’re an #iTANfan

Posted on June 1st, 2017

A true #iTANfan knows bronze is better! Enter our #iTANfan Search today for your chance to win a year of unlimited iTAN services! Yes, all the sun tanning, spray tanning and spa services can be yours for free. The deadline to enter the #iTANfan Search is June 15, 2017.

So, how do you know you’re a true #iTANfan? Here are the top signs:

1. If you can’t tone it, you tan it.
Skipped a day at the gym, but can’t miss your weekly #FitFam Instagram pic? A true #iTANfan knows all they have to do is double dip, or do a sunbed and spray tan session for a complexion that appears perfectly toned. Plus, there’s always Airbrush for full-body contouring!

2. Tanning is your well deserved me time.
If tanning is your weekly getaway, you should definitely enter our brand ambassador contest. This year, we’re looking for brand ambassadors who are existing iTAN customers and have an established online presence.

3. You never feel fully dressed without a spray tan.
Living the SoCal lifestyle is more accessible with a tan. Being tan is simply part of your everyday look!

4. A tan is the best accessory for any outfit.
No bride wants to be whiter than her dress, but you don’t want to be whiter than any outfit. Your tan is your favorite accessory, because you simply want to stand out.

5. Tan is not just a color, it’s a state of mind.
When you look good, you naturally feel confident about yourself and have the passion, drive and mindset to succeed in your daily life.

6. It’s better to arrive late, then to arrive pale.
Sure, it takes at least four hours for your spray tan to develop, but would you rather show up pale to your best friend’s engagement party? We didn’t think so!

7. Improve your selfies, get a spray tan.
Favorite filter? A spray tan! The best way to really win at the no-makeup “makeup” look is by getting a spray tan.

8. Too much Monday, not enough tan?
A case of the Mondays is easily resolved with a $15 spray tan on Mystic Mondays.

9. You require vitamin sea.
We’re with you, the beach is our happy place, too.

10. Spray tans are like fries, you can’t just have one!
iTAN offers unlimited iCLUB memberships, so you can access unlimited sun tanning, spray tanning and spa services. Enter the #iTANfanSearch and you might just get a free unlimited iTAN membership.

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