Top Tanning Tips Just In Time for Summer

Posted on June 17th, 2017

Life sure is better with a tan and flip flops! The secret to a gorgeous glow is found at all 31 of our California iTAN locations. To help you prep for summer, our consultants dished their top tanning tips for obtaining the perfect color for you. Here are our top tanning tips:

1. “Exfoliate before sun tanning and create a schedule so you can see best results! Some of my favorite lotions are facial lotions for tanning your face, but I especially like our leg lotions. When laying down, most people have a harder time tanning their legs, and our special leg lotions include caffeine for toning, which are typically higher in DHA and usually have shave inhibitors, which can decrease how often you have to shave your legs as it reduces the appearance of hair.” – Monica, iTAN Ynez Rd

2. “I like to recommend double dipping because it gives our guests the best look ever. I like to suntan before spray tanning, whether it’s in a lie-down or stand-up sunbed.” – Megan, iTAN Vista

3. “Always listen to your tanning consultant’s recommended tanning time to avoid overexposure. We want to help you take the best care of your skin.” – Bailey, iTAN La Costa/Carlsbad

4. “Don’t stick to the same lotion or sunbed for too long. Switching between intensifier and bronzing lotions and different tanning bed categories will help you avoid plateauing.” – Sami, iTAN San Marcos

5. “I like to tell our guests who get ‘white spots,’ or pressure points, to flip over in the tanning bed for all-over bronzing results.” – Winnie, iTAN Encinitas

6. “Indoor tanning lotion can be used outdoors, too! With all the great ingredients and nutrients found in our tanning lotions, why not use them while you’re out in the sun?” – Elise, iTAN San Clemente

7. “We like to say, ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it!’” – Sapphire and Bailey, iTAN Poway

8. “Learn more about the products you’re using to get the results you’re looking for at iTAN. Moisture is the best tanning assistant! Avoid using lotions that contain mineral oil that simply coats and doesn’t penetrate your skin with moisture and alcohol that will strip your tan.” – Susanne, iTAN Del Mar