Top 5 DIY Body Scrubs from SoCal Bloggers

Posted on September 26th, 2015

What’s our secret to a healthy, golden glow? Exfoliation! As we enter the fall season, it’s especially important to exfoliate your skin and create a smooth canvas before any sun, spray or spa session. Exfoliation allows iTAN’s multiuse skincare products and moisturizers to fully absorb for healthy, hydrated skin!

We’ve searched through our favorite Southern California blogs for all the best tricks and tips to exfoliate and enter the new season with bright, vibrant and smooth skin. Making homemade scrub is easy! All you need are simple everyday ingredients that are already in your pantry to make our top 5 DIY scrubs created by SoCal bloggers.

1. Sprint 2 Fitness – Coffee Bean Body Scrub
In Southern California, bikini season never ends! Although cellulite can’t be 100 percent eliminated, Kimberly, a Temecula-based fitness coach and blogger, has found that coffee grinds can help reduce cellulite’s appearance. She recommends combining coffee grinds, sugar and coconut oil to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow for smoother, firmer skin. Take that, cellulite! Full recipe here.

2. Mommy Gaga – All-Natural Sugar Body Scrub
Sugar vs salt! San Diego blogger, Deanna of Mommy Gaga, explains that sugar is better suited for sensitive skin, but salt is best for stubborn, dry areas on our bodies. To make a great DIY scrub, select your base depending on your skin sensitivity and mix in almond oil, olive oil and lavender. Full recipe here.

3. Modern Granola – 3 Ingredient Body Scrub
Lane of Modern Granola says that her 3 Ingredient Body Scrub rights all wrongs! One of her best-kept secrets, this body scrub brings together baking soda, Epsom Salt and lavender to a create a great texture that buffs your skin. Also, each ingredient has its own calming, antiseptic and exfoliating benefits. Full recipe here.

4. My SoCal’d Life – Brown Sugar & Orange Blossom Body Scrub
On the search for the perfect body scrub, San Diego resident and blogger Archana started with Birchbox’s guide to finding the best natural exfoliator for your skin texture, including: rice, sugar, coffee grinds, oatmeal and sea salt. She found brown sugar, orange blossom syrup and coconut oil in her pantry and whipped up this confection. Besides, what’s not to love about the sweet smell of sugar and coconut? Full recipe here.

5. Ma Novuelle Mode – Vanilla Latte Homemade Sugar Scrub
A whole “latte” love in this body scrub! Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode combines the all-natural benefits of coffee grinds, brown sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, olive oil and vanilla extract for a recipe that is almost good enough to eat. Full recipe here.

iTAN believes one of the most important parts of living a healthy, confident style is being comfortable in your own skin; which is why we simply had to share these amazing recipes with you. Enjoy!

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