These Tips Are Our Influencers’ Secret Weapons

Posted on January 5th, 2018

Not only are our iTAN Brand Ambassadors experts in taking the best Instagram-worthy shots, but they also have the best beauty and wellness tips! Check out our latest Q&A sesh with our brand ambassadors and find out how they accomplish those perfect photos for the ‘Gram, while keeping their fitness, beauty and wellness on fleek.

1. First thing is first: how do you take the perfect Instagram photo? Give us your number one tip!
Nikole: I take the perfect Insta photo with good lighting, good friends and a good background. I like to have a good solid background with color or neutral tones for a pop.

Sabrina: My perfect Instagram photo is all about lighting. Without good lighting, a perfect photo is unachievable. Once I find perfect lighting, I then work on a pose, which of course is different in every setting. After the photo is taken, I play around with filters, and voilà the perfect Instagram photo!

2. How do you define getting in shape?
Nikole: I get in shape by eating as many fruits and veggies, exercising daily and doing outside activities. Getting into shape can also be accomplished by meditation and yoga because the mind should always be exercised.

Sabrina: I define getting into shape as having the physical endurance to be able to do what you seek to achieve. It can vary and differ for each person, but getting to a place where you’re happy with your physical endurance and be able to achieve physical goals would be the best way I would define getting into shape.

3.How often do you workout and why?
Nikole: I try to workout six times a week because it helps me destress, feel good and keeps my shape intact. Also, it makes me a happier and more of a positive person to everyone around me.

Sabrina: I try to workout three to four times a week because it makes me feel better about myself both physically and mentally. It also helps me let off extra steam from stressful days. Without the gym and working out, I find myself in worse moods and regretting not having worked out.

4. How do you fuel your body and why? Do you follow or have any dietary suggestions or recommendations?

Nikole: I have been vegan for two years and I love it. I’ve never felt better; it gives me passion for animals and the environment.

Sabrina: I fuel my body 100 percent by what I feed it. I try to stay away from sugars and fats that slow you down and make you less productive. The more veggies and juices you can drink, the better. Nectar juices are my key to health; I swear by them.

5. How long do you have to stick to a workout routine to see results and why?
Nikole: After one month of consistency, I definitely see a difference but I always tell myself it’s more about how you feel and not what the scale reads.

Sabrina: Sticking to a new workout routine for me can take about a month to get into the hang of things and make it a new habit. Once I do this, results flow in. It’s slow results at first, but once they start, they keep moving faster and eventually you hit that goal you were going for.

6. How does iTAN help you look and feel your best?
Nikole: iTAN keeps me looking tan all year long. Being tan just makes a tremendous difference. Your body looks more toned when you tan, and you don’t need to wear much makeup with a tan face! It’s life changing.

Sabrina: iTAN helps me look and feel my best by always assisting me in my beauty needs and goals. The FIT Bodywrap helps me to stay in shape and sweat out toxins, sunbeds keep my skin bronzed, and spa services, such as Photo Facials and the Hydration Station, keep me looking my best!