Teeth Whitening at iTAN

Posted on April 3rd, 2017

A glowing smile and a golden tan are the perfect accessories to any outfit.

As part of our spa services, we are happy to provide state-of-the-art teeth whitening!  We are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Read on below to learn more about this salon service, and also about convenient on-the-go teeth whitening products available at iTAN.

Teeth Whitening at iTAN

teeth whitening at iTAN

Teeth Whitening System: This spa service uses whitening gel activated by LED light. What’s special about our whitening gel is that it is gentler than harsh bleaching alternatives, because it contains 36% carbamide peroxide. You’ll see results even after your first 15 minute session. For maximum smile brightening, book 2-3 sessions back-to-back. For more info, just stop by your local salon to chat with a consultant! Teeth whitening is currently available at these locations.

teeth whitening at iTAN


Twilight Teeth: DIY, while you tan! Twilight teeth is the original, patented UV system. Easy, cost-effective, and a total timesaver. Brush onto your teeth, settle in to your tanning sesh, and leave with a glowing smile AND skin. #boom

Teeth Whitening On-The-Gotogo whitening and lip plumper

 Chic Flic To-Go Pen: Double threat! This little secret weapon from Whiter Image has a whitening pen on one side, and a plumping gloss on the other. Must-have in any makeup bag.


togo teeth whitening pen

To-Go Pen: Maintain the gorgeous results from your spa sessions with this pen from Whiter Image. Mint-flavored whitening gel provides maximum smile brightening with purse-sized convenience!

Smile, beautiful!