Tanning Tips for Men

Posted on December 7th, 2017

Bronzed skin is the perfect way to show off your sculpted abs and pecs, so here are our top tanning tips for men! Plus, if you can’t tone it, tan it gentlemen. There’s a right way and wrong way to go about just anything, so we have all the tanning tips to make your suntan or faux glow look au naturale.

Here are all our tanning do’s and don’ts for men:

Tip #1: Do shower, shave and exfoliate just like anyone else
We recommend prepping for a spray tan by showering, shaving and exfoliating. Make sure to shave or wax 24 hours before your spray tan service to avoid any skin irritation. Remove all jewelry and make sure your skin is free of any fragrance or cologne and moisturizers. Moisturizers can act as a barrier which can prevent the spray from developing as evenly as possible.

Tip #2: Do apply salon quality tanning lotion when sun tanning
Guests often skip tanning lotion because they think they’ll get a better sun tan without it, which simply isn’t true. If your skin isn’t moisturized, it makes it harder for a tan to develop and if you do develop a tan, it won’t last unless your skin is moisturized.

Tip #3: Do test tanning lotions formulated for men
You’re welcome to use any tanning lotion you feel suits your skin best, but we also recommend trying tanning lotions formulated for men like G Gentleman by Australian Gold. Tanning lotions designed for men are made so that sunshine can reach through coarser facial and body hair, and feature a more masculine scent.

Tip #4: Do protect your tattoos
If you love your tan and tattoos, protect them! G Gentlemen features tattoo technology to create a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading. It’s specifically made for tough male skin and increases skin resilience while locking in moisture for long lasting hydration. If you need help selecting a lotion with tattoo protection technology, your salon consultant can help you find the right pick.

Tip #5: Do skip the hair cap
Gentlemen, if you have short hair, skip the hair cap before walking into the spray tanning booth. The best way to avoid any tan lines near your hairline or fade haircut is to walk into the spray booth without a hair cap.