Tanning Tips: How To Tan Smart With Sun Pro

Posted on February 6th, 2016

Attention sun pros, this blog was written just for you!

Sun tanning at iTAN has evolved over the years to best cater to your bronzed beauty needs. Whether you like to sing in the lie-down or dance in the stand-up, here is the lowdown on smart tanning with skin sensing sunbeds or SunPro sunbeds.  After all, everyone is happiest in sunshine.

iTAN’s SunPro sunbeds feature advanced technology to give you the golden glow you desire, while virtually eliminating overexposure. KBL and Sun Angel make up our SunPro sunbeds that provide a custom amount of sunlight depending on your skin type.

With previous sunbed models, expertly trained consultants helped discuss the amount of time suggested for your skin type and complexion goals. We’re still happy to do so, but SunPro sunbeds can further elevate your experience by taking photos of your skin to help calculate the best amount of sunlight for you.

In just 12 to 20 minutes, SunPro sunbeds can provide the benefits of relaxation and beautiful, golden skin. When beginning a SunPro session, we recommend following proper steps for best results.

How the Sun Pro sunbeds are designed just for you.

First, take a photo of your forehead and forearm. Your forehead is the darkest part of your body and your forearm is the lightest. Taking pictures of your forehead and forearm helps our advanced technology find a happy medium of sunlight for your skin. A common myth of sun tanning is that you need a sunburn for a suntan. However, the key to a great tone is never overexposing your skin and SunPro sunbeds were designed just for that!

Once you’ve taken pictures of your gorgeous skin, you can convert your SunPro experience into a mini spa treatment. With aqua mist and aromatherapy, SunPro sunbeds create a spa-like experience so you can relax and unwind while bronzing your skin. You can even play your favorite tunes (we like to play spa or yogi music!) with our SunPro sunbed’s MP3 hookups. Go ahead, make your SunPro experience your own mini getaway!

Turn it all the way up or turn it all the way down! Like your music, SunPro sunbeds allow you to customize your facial lamps for a little more or a little less. All SunPro sunbed facial lamps are separate from the body so you can create your own unique experience.

Contouring is not just for your makeup routine, with SunPro sunbeds you can lay back in a contoured sunbed for maximum comfort. Plus, Sun Angel, one of our SunPro sunbeds gives you climate control options so you can cool your contoured bed to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Part sunbed and part spa, SunPro sunbeds at iTAN are designed just for you.