Top Tanning Tips Salon Consultants Live By

Posted on August 19th, 2016

From the best tricks on maintaining your spray tan to achieving slimmer-looking supermodel legs, iTAN salon consultants have tons of tanning tips to help you achieve the best results possible. We rounded up our top 10 tips from some of our consultants, including Taylor, Barbie, Ciara, Becca, Yelena and Lexi.

Take a peek and perfect your tanning game for a beautiful and endless summer glow:

1. Use the Hydration Station before your next sun or spray session. The heat and moisture opens up the pores and lets you absorb sunshine or the spray tan solution better.

2. Using indoor tanning products or lotions is not a luxury, it is a necessity. You will lose out on 60% of sunshine without one, so in order to rejuvenate your skin, save you time and money, you should always purchase a tanning lotion from your nearest iTAN.

3. Building a base tan with a few sessions in the sunbeds before spray tanning promotes an even and more natural-looking tan.

4. You can use the tanning lotion you buy at iTAN both indoors and outdoors! If you are going to use them outdoors, simply mix them with a little bit of sunscreen! Regular suntan lotions are designed to protect you during long periods of time spent outside in the sunlight. Indoor tanning lotions are designed for shorter indoor tanning sessions resulting in a deeper, quicker sun tan.

5. Reverse double dip, or spray and then do a stand-up to dry quicker and get an extra boost of color.

6. Utilizing sun, spray and spa services all in one day can give you great color fast! Triple dip by using the Hydration Station, a Sun Pro sunbed, and finish off with a Mystic HD spray booth for a perfect, fast tan!

7. Never use the Mystic HD spray booth without taking full advantage of myxers! An accelerator helps your tan develop faster and last longer. A bronzer gives an instant pop of color and delivers the right undertone, and a scent keeps you smelling great all day!

8. Don’t know what do before your spray tan? Just follow these steps! First, exfoliate your skin the day before. Any waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours in advance. Be sure to avoid applying any moisturizers, lotions, oils or deodorant before getting your spray tan. Lastly, make sure to wear dark and loose clothing to your spray tan session. After getting a spray tan, use your booster after your first shower to lock in your spray tan, keep skin moisturized and prevent your spray tan from cracking.

9. Mix and match your bronzers to achieve more natural undertones that compliment your skin tone. Dual bronzers also add more depth to your tan. Try the FIT Booster and SlimLine Celiminate cream August product special to promote body contouring, enhance skin’s firmness and even your skin tone for a more youthful glow.

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