Grow Your Business Into 2017: Q&A with iTAN Franchising, Inc. CEO Faraje Kharsa

Posted on December 23rd, 2016

You want a strong start to 2017, and iTAN Franchising, Inc. is here to help. Grow your business in 2017 with proven strategies and direction. Founder & CEO Faraje Kharsa shares more about his role as strategic director and how he has helped empower other business owners experience success through actionable steps.

1. Can you give us some background on your current role as a franchisor?
iTAN Franchising, Inc. has been franchising since 2008. We are currently focused on both new salons and helping existing salons convert and become an iTAN franchisee. We have 30 locations, half of which were converted from other reputable salons to become iTAN franchises. iTAN Franchising, Inc. is currently focused on Southern California expansion, but we are looking to branch out.

2. How do qualified salons experience the ease of conversion?
A salon conversion to iTAN Franchising, Inc. takes place in two phases. First, when we take over an existing salon location, we don’t shut it down. We convert the salon while it’s still operating. Our initial key focus is exciting the existing customer and employee base so there’s virtually no downtime.

In order to ensure the existing flow is not disrupted during the initial phase, we smoothly and efficiently change the smallest things like the point of sale (POS) system, menu, signage and add the location to our existing marketing assets and campaigns. For example, upon acquisition a new salon can be deployed to our website, social media and marketing assets immediately.

As the salon’s revenue increases, we move into phase two which includes varying degrees of a makeover. Depending on the condition of the salon, renovations can include light to moderate touch-type conversions or expansions like painting, flooring or lighting. For the most part, we can use existing equipment and add to it by complementing service offerings with spray or spa services that may be absent.

3. What is the economic impact on an iTAN Franchising, Inc. convertee?
The conversion process has relatively minimal economic impact on the convertee. The salon’s existing assets also help determine how much conversion is needed. At iTAN Franchising, Inc., we typically provide our convertees with special financial incentives that help put money right back into their business, such as a franchise fee discounts and more.

iTAN Franchising, Inc. collaborates with franchisees by helping optimize salon performance and operations, therefore, helping mitigate economic impact.

4. What are some of iTAN Franchising, Inc.’s key differentiators?
iTAN Franchising, Inc. takes the guesswork out of being in business. Joining the iTAN family allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our culture from the inside out is centered on a family-focused franchising approach, which means everyone is included in our decision making.

Our franchisees take part in quarterly and monthly meetings, and we make sure their feedback is incorporated in our yearly planning strategy.

iTAN Franchising Inc.’s only source of revenue is royalties, a key differentiator. We negotiate on behalf of our franchisees, all special rates and savings obtained on iTAN equipment or products, such as lamps or lotions, are passed directly to our franchisees. Before being a franchisor, I was a franchisee so I truly understand the importance of increasing profitable sales by aligning my interests with the franchisees.

5. Is there anything else you’d like to share with someone who wants to grow their business in 2017?
iTAN Franchising, Inc. has an integrated diversified strategy through sun, spray and spa services that is unique to iTAN. We serve anyone that wants to experience an everyday getaway. From detoxifying body wraps, smart sun beds and Photo Facials, iTAN Franchising, Inc. offers services for all-around beauty and wellness.