Spring Nail Trends

Posted on April 19th, 2017

Nail trends you are going to love!

Spring 2017 nail trends are seriously fun. Seen on the runway? Nails manicured to look like the polish was chipping. Seriously. We’ve certainly mastered that look… Who knew it was haute couture!?

P.S. The pressure is also off for picking a color at the salon. Because this season, it is super-in to paint your nails ALL the colors. As in, giving each nail its own personality! AWESOME.

Spring 2017 nail trends are stress-free. We heart them!

Check out our top 5:

Spring nail trend #1: Stormy

Mysterious moto-chic. A way to rock black polish that scales back the goth!
Ask for: Grayscale (gray to black) ombre, haute hue pastel gray, or pastel gray with a black center stripe.

Spring nail trend #2: Baby pink

Pink has of course been a go-to mani color for like the last million years, but THIS season is specifically all about adorbs baby pink. Perfect complement to a golden faux glow!
Ask for: Square or almond-shaped nails.

Spring nail trend #3: Sparkly cuticles

Wait WHAT!? Polish on your cuticles… on purpose!? You heard right. DIY manicurists rejoice!
Or, ask for: A super-thin outline of sparkly polish around the cuticle of your nail.

Spring nail trend #4: FUN French manicures

The French manicure went on Spring Break this season, and stayed there.
Ask for: a French manicure with sparkly, metallic, or rainbow tips!

Spring nail trend #5: Geometry

Not our favorite class in school… but we’re loving the math meets art-ness of this trend.
Ask for: A bold base color (or colors!) with randomly placed contrasting squares and circles.