10 Things Only People Who Spray Tan Will Understand     

Posted on October 21st, 2016

We feel best when we have a sunkissed glow 365 days a year because having a golden glow feels like you just went on vacation, even if you’re out of PTO. A spray tan evens out your skin tone and instantly makes you look slimmer for SoCal’s year-round bikini season. What’s not to love?

Whether you spray tan on a weekly basis or only on special occasions, there are 10 things only people who spray tan understand. So laugh a little while your spray tan develops!

1. Spray day is the new me-time
If you’re like us, spray day is part of your weekly schedule. You know Monday blues don’t exist thanks to Mystic Mondays $15 spray specials, and that Unlimited Spray Memberships are good all-day everyday. After all, your spray tan visit is part of your calendar, along with date night and work aka priorities.

2. But first, exfoliate
The night before you spray tan you turn to all your go-to exfoliation products. You shave your legs and raid your pantry for DIY body scrubs.

3. You have a designated spray tan outfit
Yes, we all have one. Whether it consists of a college t-shirt or all-black pajamas, you have a spray tan outfit or designated loose black clothing for your spray tan visit.

4. You’re suddenly scared of water
If you really, really, really need to finish loading your dishwasher or give your four-legged friend a bath, it can wait. Water is simply a big “NO.” Nothing can come between you and your spray tan.

5. Making a Netflix playlist is now a priority
Netflix and chill spray tan. You prep your Netflix playlist for spray day just to kill time for your spray tan to develop. Note thing number 1, “spray day is well deserved me-time.”

6. You’re excited to go bed because you know you’ll wake up golden
You take a peek at your skin every hour hoping to see your tan appear. So instead you go to bed, knowing come morning time you’ll no longer have #FOLP (Fear of Looking Pale). Wake up and glow is your mantra!
*Hint: Ask our consultants about our instant bronzers to skip this step.

7. You’re on a first-name basis with your Airbrush technician
It’s not everyday you go sans clothes for beauty. From bare skin to swimsuits, anything goes as long as you’re comfortable.

8. Sniff, sniff
Whether it’s adding in a Myxer, a spritz of your favorite fall fragrance or a post-tan gel cleanser, you know just how to stay fresh post-spray tan.

9. You stock up on primers, boosters and are scared of your razor
Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s spray tan success. As an #iTANfan, you keep primers and boosters on-hand to extend the life of your tan. You also fear shaving your legs, because you think your spray tan will come off. It won’t!
*This month get a free spray tan with the purchase of a spray tan product. Just ask the salon consultants at your local iTAN.

10. You keep two foundation colors on hand
Maybe it’s her? Maybe it’s her spray tan? No one needs to know, so you keep a foundation color that matches your naturally lightest skin tone and one that matches your darkest spray tan. This way, you can mix and match your foundation to your spray tan hue.

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