Should you get a spray tan before Labor Day?

Posted on August 24th, 2017

Yes, you should get a spray tan before your Labor Day vacation! Because the only thing better than going on vacation, is going on vacation with a golden glow.

iTAN has been in the glow business for over 16 years (sweet 16 anyone?), so we’ve heard absolutely each and every myth that goes with pre-vacation sun tanning and spray tanning. While getting a sun tan before a vacation is a popular go-to, getting a spray tan before a vacation is surrounded by myths.

Board your flight looking perfectly golden, and come home flaunting a flawless #NoFilter selfie that slays with these top myths debunked:

True or False: Getting a spray tan before vacation is a bad idea.
False: A spray tan before a vacation is the best idea! Spray tans are the best way to enjoy a golden glow without the wait in between. Wear your favorite bikini without FOLP (Fear of Looking Pale) or head to an all-white party in confidence, thanks to your spray tan.

True or False: You can’t get a tan through your spray tan.
False: A spray tan has zero SPF, so yes you can absolutely tan through your spray tan. The best part about getting a spray tan before a vacation is that you can build your natural glow, as your spray tan fades away.

True or False: Your spray tan will streak in the swimming pool or at the beach.
False: Let your spray tan fully develop and rinse in the shower to avoid any streaking. A typical spray tan lasts five to seven days, and will simply last a day or two less if you’re spending a significant amount of time in the water.

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