How to Prep for a Spray Tan

Posted on May 7th, 2016

Prepping for your first spray tan of the season? We have you covered! Preparing your skin before any Spray Booth spray tan or Airbrush spray tan session is important in order to achieve desired, long-lasting results. Here are a few tips you can use before, during and after your spray tan along followed by frequently asked questions:

Before your Spray Tan:
1. First thing is first, exfoliate. Think of the exfoliation process as creating a blank canvas for the spray solution. Exfoliation ensures that your skin is free of any moisturizers, fragrances or cosmetics that may prevent the spray solution from evenly developing or turning into the golden glow you desire.

2. Shave or wax unwanted fuzz before your session. Body or facial hair won’t stop the spray tan from developing, but waxing or shaving right after your session can reduce the life of your spray tan. Make sure you get rid of unwanted fuzz prior to your session.

3. Wear dark colors. iTAN’s spray tan solutions dries instantly and adheres to the skin. Try not to expose your skin to water or perspiration right after your session, and avoid wearing light-colored clothing to eliminate the likelihood of staining. To prevent your spray tan from rubbing onto your clothing or bedding before your first rinse, wear loose dark clothing.

During the Session:
4. Just like contouring, you must blend, blend and blend. If you’re using a Spray Booth, simply apply blending cream on any areas of your skin you don’t want to tan. And don’t forget to spread your fingers and toes while you’re inside the Spray Booth!

5. Just relax. If you’re having an Airbrush session, your expertly trained salon consultant will ensure an even, warm application.

After Your Spray Tan:
6. Just like polish. Waiting for your spray tan is similar to waiting for nail polish to dry; just sit back and relax! Allow 6-8 hours (another reason to watch Netflix) for your spray tan to fully develop before rinsing. Any water exposure prior to your spray tan will deactivate the color and could cause streaks.

7. Hydration. Moisturize after you shower, but never the day of your spray tan!

8. Say “no” to manis and pedis. Avoid any hair removal, manicures or pedicures after your spray tan session. Persistent exfoliation on any area of your body will cause your color to start fading.

And now, things you’ve always wondered about (FAQs)?
9. What’s that scent? Anyone who has spray tanned recognizes the tell-tale scent of a spray tan. Customize your spray tan mix with an array of aromas available at iTAN.

10. What about your foundation? If you’ve selected a darker spray tan, you will notice that your foundation and concealer don’t match your skin tone. Enhance your glow by making sure you always have a foundation and concealer that’s a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone so you can blend the formulas down your face and neck.

11. And splotch?! Yes, it happens to the best of us. If you miss a spot with blending cream and need to remove excess solution, a lot of people recommend making a concoction of baking soda, water and lemon, or you can use Exfoliation Scrub by Slimline.

Long live the life of your spray tan! Visit us and jumpstart your spring and summer hue, and post a pic using #iTANfan.