Spa Water Recipes from SoCal Bloggers

Posted on June 10th, 2016

Oh you fancy, huh? Say goodbye to soda, juice and bottled flavored waters and hello to freshly made spa water. It’s so important to stay hydrated especially during the summer months while you’re out playing under Southern California sun. Plus, drinking water can be one of the easiest ways to stay healthy! Here are some of our favorite spa water recipes from SoCal bloggers.

1. Muddled Spa Water by The Skinny Confidential
Lauryn says her Muddled Spa Water is some very “serious aqua,” not just a slice of lemon or cucumber. Staying hydrated through the summer has never been more fun with chia seeds, strawberries, fresh mint and lemons. She also recommends using a water with a higher pH. Full recipe.

2. Paleo Watermelon by Lime Fresca by Paleo Cupboard
The paleo diet is a meat lover’s dream. Count us in! However, most of our body is made of water so drinking a refreshing, healthy drink while enjoy a spa session at iTAN or a visit at the beach is summer perfection. Simply combine watermelon, fresh lime, sprigs of fresh mint and slightly warmed raw honey for a guilt-free refreshment. Full recipe.

3. DIY Infused Water by Tasty Yummies
Tasty Yummies encourages all to eat fresh and eat well with easy-to-make gluten-free recipes. A nutritional therapist and blogger, Beth says there’s a huge variety of ways to make spa water your own. All you have to do is pick your favorite variety of herbs, spices and botanicals, fruits and veggies and optional add-ins like coconut or sparkling water. Full recipes.

4. Fruit Infused Sparkling Water by Modern Parents Messy Kids
Infusing waters with fresh fruits makes everyday life feel just a little fancier! From lemon and tangerine, lemon and mint, raspberries and blueberries, lemon and mint, tangerine and blackberries, lime and mint, lemon and blueberry, muddles berries and lime, you can try a new fun water recipe every day! Full recipe.

Drink up and cheers to summer 2016! Show us your new favorite spa water recipes by using #iTANfan.

Photo Credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids