Expert Tips to Soothe Dry, Stressed Skin from the Summer Heat

Posted on June 5th, 2018

Summer months are our favorite but dry, stressed skin from the summer heat not so much. Our team has the top expert tips to soothe dry, stressed skin from the summer heat. The secret is found in our Hydration Station Spa service and SlimLine product line.

Prepare for a total skin makeover with moisturized, softened and hydrated skin. Here are the top benefits of the Hydration Station and SlimLine products:

1. Supple Skin
The Hydration Station provides skin conditioning through infused steam and infrared technology. Combined, the infused steam and infrared technology improve the quality of your skin while you escape in an aroma steam experience.

For a full scoop on our Hydration Station, check out our Hydration Station Benefits blog.

2. Even Skin
Prevent your spray tan from drying or appearing cracked with the Hydration Station. The steam pod helps prepare, prolong and protect the skin before any sun or spray service. The Hydration Station can also help make your spray tan more even and last longer.

3. Slender Skin
Combine your Hydration Station experience with the Slender Serum product by SlimLine. The serum is designed to be applied immediately before your spa session and contains lemon, lime, orange, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils. The formula encourages the elimination of excess water while moisturizing the skin.

4. Smooth Skin
Use the Slender Serum in conjunction with the Celiminate Cream by SlimLine. This product features whole leaf aloe vera for maximum moisture. The cream also features natural herbs and cinnamon to help facilitate cellulite reduction.

Ready to for a total skin makeover? Start with three to four Hydration Station sessions per week, and once your preferred results have been achieved one session per week is ideal for maintenance.

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