How the San Diego Charger Girls Get Game Day Ready

Posted on December 1st, 2016

From workouts to high-kicks, the San Diego Charger Girls are famous for cheering up the sidelines in America’s Finest City. With football season in full swing, what better way to celebrate than by getting all the game-day ready beauty tips and tricks from some of San Diego’s most iconic women.

Glory and Tyler share how the San Diego Charger Girls Get Game Day Ready. Check it out:

1. What does it feel like to be a San Diego Charger Girl?
Glory: I feel honored! I’ve had a passion for dance since I was three-years old and becoming a professional cheerleader is the cherry-on-top of my dance career. The Charger Girls are iconic and being a member of the team is a privilege.
Tyler: Every time I think about what I get to do, I get the chills and a smile on my face. It almost feels like being a superhero. Student by day, and Charger Girl at all other times!

2. How do San Diego Charger Girls get ready on game day?
Glory: Our team tackles quite the schedule on game day. We arrive at Qualcomm Stadium five hours before kick-off with big suitcases full of our game day essentials. Though the crowd only sees us in our signature uniforms, our bags are packed with extra pom-poms, practice boots, and beauty tools. After we engage in a brief rehearsal of our dance material, we freshen up our red lips with the help of our friends from M·A·C Cosmetics.
Tyler: Getting ready on game day starts far before game day. From practices, to training in the gym on our own, we all put in so many hours just to make sure we are physically able to perform our best on game day. On game day, it’s all about the hair and make-up, and making sure we are nourished and hydrated to put our best foot forward.

3. What’s the San Diego Charger Girl secret to staying camera-ready throughout a game?
Glory: Staying camera ready throughout the game is less about appearance and more about work ethic! My teammates and I put in tremendous effort during our weekly rehearsals so the camera will never catch us in a moment where we are less than our best. A Charger Girl forgetting her routine sounds like the making of a YouTube sensation, no thank you!
Tyler: Oh goodness, it definitely takes a village! We have a talented make-up team from M·A·C Cosmetics and hair stylists from Model Call Salon to help us achieve our look while we are there on game day. But our water guys are the best down on the field, making sure we’re hydrated, keeping cool, and always to the rescue with a sweat towel to dab dry on those hot Sunday games.

3. How would you define the San Diego Charger Girl hairstyle, and how do you achieve it?
Glory: Each Charger Girl has a unique and personalized do! To achieve my game day look, giving my hair a voluminous base is a must! For maximum volume, I like to add mousse to my roots when my hair is towel-dry and flip my head upside down to finish it with a blow dry. As a Charger Girl, “hair-ography” is a thing. Most of our choreography involves hair-whips and head rolls that send our hair in every direction (often times in our faces!). I love when my hair gets extra volume from our moves!
Tyler: I would say it’s very unique. Growing up, I noticed the Charger Girls all had PERFECT hair, and had to be capable of achieving the Charger Girl hair-flip too! I love my straight hair and the dark color thanks to Model Call Salon, all it needs on game day is a little volume tease and I’m set!

4. How do you get the perfect sunkissed, game-day glow?
Glory: I always take a shower and exfoliate before heading to iTAN so my skin is a clean base for the service I choose. I like to use iTAN’s silicone-free lotions, which are specially designed to go from tanning-bed to spray-tan service. My secret is spending a few minutes in a sunbed right before my VersaSpa spray tan session. This helps to open my pores and ensure I get a flawless glow game-day ready glow!
Tyler: iTAN of course! We love our partnership with iTAN, not only to look the part, but to relax with spa services as well.

5. What iTAN services help you look good and feel confident for game day?
Glory: The VersaSpa is my favorite service that iTAN provides. I naturally have very pale and freckly skin, a product of my Irish Heritage. Attaining an effortless suntan takes a long time for my skin type and this service creates a quick flawless look. VersaSpa evens out my skin tone and provides me with a confident summer glow all year long.
Tyler: My game day glow secret is double dipping. Their Sun Pro sunbeds help me achieve a deep rich color and their Mystic helps give me an all-over even color that looks great on camera!

6. Are there any iTAN products you use to enhance your go-to Sun, Spray or Spa services?
Glory: Alongside being a Charger Girl, I am a full-time graduate student. I often get stressed and just need some me time. I cherish the time I spend in iTAN’s Hydration Station. After 20 minutes I am more centered and my skin is soft and hydrated. I have also noticed that my spray tans always last longer if I visit the Hydration Station first.
Tyler: The Mystic Tan Booster lotion is great, it’s basically insurance for your tan and with how much we sweat and work, it is a MUST. I love playing around with different spray shades and triple boost shades to see what color fits best for game day, or even just a weekend out at something casual. However, when sunbed tanning, I love the Spellbound lotion since it gives me the darkest tan and smells divine.

7. What are the beauty tricks of the trade that you carry into everyday life?
Glory: I am a big proponent of beauty sleep! I do my best to unplug from my electronics and to get into bed at a reasonable time every night. When I am well rested I am able to be more appreciative, present, and happy. Nothing is more beautiful than happiness. Get some sleep!
Tyler: Always dress to impress and carry yourself how you would like to be perceived. But don’t forget looks aren’t everything, for example, there are some days I got out with my sweats, favorite hoodie and rock a messy bun. I appreciate how much Charger Girls has enlightened me on how to excel in the professional realm; whether it’s how I style my hair, or the height of heels, or the way I shake a person’s hand.

8. Anything else you’d like to share?
Glory: I love to text, so it has been really convenient to receive deals and information through iTAN’s text club. By texting “iTAN” to 411-669, you can stay up to date with offers and specials too.
Tyler: Being in San Diego, there’s nothing better than enjoying the city we live in and being able to feel absolutely confident while doing it. The Charger Girl experience and everyone who helps make it possible is the reason I love this city. Charge on!

iTAN is the official sun, spray, spa salon of the San Diego Charger Girls.