Top Beauty Tips from Our Salon Consultants

Posted on July 20th, 2018

When it comes to beauty and all things Sun, Spray and Spa, our iTAN consultants have seen and tried it all. We spoke to Casie, Kennedy and Ellie about their top beauty tips on how to get gorge. Here’s how you can achieve the best results from our sun tanning, spray tanning and spa services.

Why prepping your skin makes a difference

The way your tan looks has a lot to do with how you prep your skin. iTAN Consultant Ellie from our Mission Valley salon recommends using the Hydration Station for 30 minutes. Use before a sunbed or spray tan session to achieve an even and lasting tan. Because the Hydration Station is engineered with radiant heat and steam, it can help rejuvenate and bring moisture back into your skin. This will help turn your skin into the perfect canvas for sun or spray tanning.

Why you should use tanning lotion

Lather up! A tanning lotion can help speed up the time it takes to develop your tan in a single sunbed session. Using a tanning lotion can product results in as little as 2-3 minutes versus 5-8 minutes without use.

If you’re used to coming in already lotioned up, try switching up your routine. iTAN Consultant Casie from our Clairemont Mesa salon suggests applying your favorite lotion just before your sunbed session. Applying lotion right beforehand will help maximize the product’s magnification, hydration and skin conditioning properties.

Why you should double or triple-dip

To get the best spray tan results, iTAN Consultant Kennedy, who’s also from our Clairemont salon, suggests a two-step regimen: Hopping into a sunbed session followed by a spray tan, also known as double-dipping. A sunbed session prior to your spray tan can open up your pores and help skin absorb the spray solution. This will help you to achieve that golden glow you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re looking for maximum glow plus toning, triple dip with the Beauty Angel before hopping into a sunbed. Then, follow up with a spray session. iTAN encourages multi-service utilization, and the Beauty Angel’s red light treatment can help boost collagen, while its Vibra Shape exercise platform helps with toning.

How bronzers make a difference

Instantly elevate your color by adding a bronzer to your Mystic spray tan. A bronzer can change the undertone of your spray tan. This will allow you to achieve a different color with every session. We recommend playing with the different bronzers to achieve your desired look. You can choose from Mocha-Kyssed (warm brown undertones), Island-Kyssed (cool brown with violet undertones), Sun-Kyssed (warm brown with subtle red undertones) and Honey-Kyssed (warm brown with golden undertones).