Red Light Therapy Benefits with Beauty Angel

Posted on June 17th, 2016

What’s your date night game plan? Ours always includes Beauty Angel, thanks to its ability to help create a glowing complexion while firming and toning the body! The red light treatment provided by Beauty Angel is suitable for all skin types, making it an easy to use this 10-20 minute spa service.

Beauty Angel can be used for a variety of benefits, including the promotion of youthful skin, toning, and reducing impurities and protection from environmental factors. Most iTAN guests who use beauty angel feel relaxed and feel like their skin is fresher and soft to the touch after their first few treatments. Ranging from the freshening of skin to actively combating aging of mature skin, the number of treatments needed for best results widely ranges. iTAN recommends starting with a Beauty Angel session every 48 hours until desired results are achieved and weekly use for maintenance. Adopting a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with any beauty treatment always helps improve results, too.

One of the top benefits of Beauty Angel is the production of collagen. Collagen is an important protein that makes up fundamental building blocks of connective tissue and is found not only in the skin, but also in tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, blood-vessel walls – and even in the cornea in the eye. It determines the firmness of connective tissue and is sometimes referred to as the body’s “filler.” Sufficient collagen is what makes the skin have a firm full-body appearance.

So how do you use the Beauty Angel? Before entering the Beauty Angel, you should remove makeup and cosmetics to avoid any light sensitive reactions caused by unknown ingredients. Unknown makeup and cosmetics can also potentially block the red light therapy. iTAN carries special skincare products specially designed for red light treatments that work to increase efficacy. Just ask any of our consultants and they’ll be able to show you the right ones! After your Beauty Angel session, you can feel free to use any products you desire.

Beauty Angel is also easy to mix in with your favorite iTAN services by triple dipping. For a spa-like and glowing triple dip experience, we recommend Hydration Station, sunbed and a Beauty Angel session during your visit. For maximum glow and toning, we recommend Beauty Angel, sunbed and Spray sessions during your visit. Combining Beauty Angel with the services you already love makes an iTAN visit a full getaway experience. Click here for more details on how to triple dip with Beauty Angel.

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