Pro Spray Tan Tips

Posted on April 21st, 2017

Rock that gorgeous faux glow!

Nina Agdal’s secret strategy for looking her best in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? 7-minute planks. (Ouch.) AND spray tanning! iTAN offers state-of-the-art spray tanning options from the VersaSpa®, to airbrushing with your own personal consultant. Get ready for teeny bikini season the Nina Agdal way with the spray tan tips below!

10 pro spray tan tips:

Before spray tanning

#1 Shower, exfoliate, and shave the day BEFORE your session.

#2 Avoid heavy lotions, oils, and deodorant.

#3 Don’t wax for at least 24-hours prior.

At your session

#4 Wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops.

#5 Talk with your iTAN consultant to achieve the ideal bronze for your skin tone. (No Cheetos tan here!)

#6 Ask your iTAN consultant how soon to shower—it varies based on the spray tan method you choose!

After spray tanning

#7 Wait 4-8 hours to use moisturizers.

#8 Wait 4-8 hours to exercise. (Sweat is not your new faux glow’s friend!)

#9 Wait 5-7 days before your next spray sesh.

#10 Super important! Use the right products to maintain your tan. (See below.)

Pamper your skin and keep up the bronze with these products from iTAN:

  • VersaSpa Body Wash & Exfoliator: Prep, polish, and rejuvenate. Perfect for before your spray tanning session, and for when your tan begins to fade.
  • Evolv Daily Glo Moisturizer: Glowing, flawless, done.
  • Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Stick: Contour cheek bones, amp up cleavage, and defy abs. #YAS Blends super easy for guaranteed goddess results!

                                             veraspa exfoliator        evolve daily glo moisturizer              mocha kissed bronzer stick