5 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for the Summer Sun

Posted on April 20th, 2018

Scheduling 4th of July weekend festivities and prepping for wedding season is great summer preparation, but your skin needs prepping, too. We came up with five simple ways to prepare your skin for the summer sun so you can make the most of your time outdoors and on vacation.

Here’s our tips on how to prepare your skin for the summer sun:

1. Start your sunbed sessions a month before your event
If you’re new to sunbeds and would like to build a base tan before any special summer event, such as a vacation, a wedding or the 4th of July, we recommend starting a month before you would like to reach your ideal color. Start with three or four sunbed sessions per week to allow your skin enough time to naturally bronze your melanin, the pigment that makes your skin tan.

A common myth about sun tanning is that an initial sunburn is required before getting tan, but we’re here to debunk the tall-tale. Gradual exposure to sunshine is the best way to develop a long lasting, sustainable tan.

2. Maintain your color with skin sensing sunbeds
Once you’ve achieved your desired skin color, maintain your suntan with Skin Sensing Sunbeds. These sunbeds are one of the most technologically advanced ways to maintain your glow while virtually eliminating the chance of overexposure. This sunbed takes a reading from your forehead and your underwrist to calculate the perfect amount of exposure for your skin.

3. Try Botanical SPF by Australian Gold
When you are enjoying our indoor sunbeds, we deliver a controlled amount of light based on your skin type. However, when you’re outside, it’s hard to say how much sunshine your skin is receiving, so we recommend using Botanical SPF by Australian Gold. Its all-new eco-friendly mineral formula doesn’t leave behind white residue.

4. Exfoliate your skin and moisturize
Prepare your skin for the summer sun by exfoliating and moisturizing daily and often. When your skin is exfoliated and moisturized, it absorbs sunshine better, which makes it easier to build an even, long lasting glow. Also, make sure to avoid drugstore tanning lotions and moisturizers. They often contain synthetic oils and fillers that can prevent the skin from tanning.

5. Spray tan to amplify your golden glow
If you want to take your glow to the next level, spray tan in our spray booths or with an Airbrush technician. A spray tan will compliment the base tan you’ve already built in a sunbed for a more natural looking tan.

A spray tan doesn’t have any sunshine protection, so you can still continue building your tan underneath your faux glow.