New Year Beauty Trends We’ll Be Trying

Posted on December 1st, 2017

We love staying on top of the latest trends, so we decided to be your personal guinea pigs and get a head start on five beauty trends we’ll be trying all 2018. From hair that slays to floating in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, we did it all just so we can come back and report.

Here are our top trends. Let us know which ones you’ll be trying this year, too!

1. Straight and sleek
Tousled waves are gone for the season, making room for straight and sleek hair. It’s the hair equivalent of the no-makeup makeup look; it’s much easier said than done! If you’re using all anti-frizz products and still can’t achieve the straight and sleek look, breakup with your existing hair brush. Your new best friend is a Wet Brush. Plastic bristles make your hair break, and broken hair leads to hard-to-manage flyaways.

2. Setting sun screen spray
We love our sunbeds, yes we do! However, when we’re away from the salon, we recommend using SPF. While tanning in a sunbed, you have full control of how much sunshine exposure you obtain. Outdoors? Not so much. Enter the newest trend: setting sun screen spray. UncompliKated SPF by Kate Somerville is a fine-misting SPF 50 face sunscreen that instantly sets make-up.

3. Micellar water
Thank you Frenchies, we’ve found our newest obsession: micellar water. Micellar water has itty bitty cleansing oil molecules that attract dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. Best of all, you don’t have to rinse with water. It’s like magic. Our favorite is 3-IN-1 Micellar Solution by Marcelle; we’ve tested it and it even works on waterproof mascara.

4. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
If we’re being honest, we’ve spent the better half of 2017 using the FIT Bodywrap as a passive form of exercise. Far infrared as found in the FIT Bodywrap can stimulate circulation, detoxify the body, soften the skin and burn calories. This is because your body must work (work=calories burned) in order to cool down from the heat generated from the inside out. But this year, you’ll find us taking on HIIT workouts. Peep the benefits and we promise you’ll get on this trend, too.

5. Yoga and Float
The next big thing in the yogi world is the combination of yoga and floatation therapy. It’s a two-step experience consisting of vigorous or relaxing yoga that transitions from your last yoga pose or shavasana, to the bliss of a float experience. The practice of floating has been a known method of meditation for decades, but is now just getting big. It allows you to unplug and relax while floating in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt without gravity, noise, light and stress.