NEW! Mystic Kyss

Posted on July 10th, 2017

Mystic® Kyss is the latest in spray tanning technology!

We are so excited to offer this new auto spray tanning booth to our clients. It’s all the stuff you love about the Mystic HD Spray Booth, made even better! Check it out:

  • Technology. The Mystic Kyss of course still features MagneTan® technology to ensure the spray tan coats your skin flawlessly, plus it sprays with even finer precision!
  • Comfort. When you step in the Mystic Kyss booth, you’ll first notice, it’s a perfectly warm temperature. YES. You know we are ALL about the experience at iTAN, and that means whether you’re using a Spray, Sun, or Spa service, blissing out is always in order.
  • Privacy. You’ll also notice, it’s just you. How nice is that? The fully-automated technology allows you to choose all of your spray tanning options before stepping into the booth. So, you get to just have a moment of Zen, which we think is pretty rad.
  • Customization. Speaking of options, this is one thing we LOVE about Mystic. First, you’ll get to choose your intensity. Luminous Light, Magical Medium, or Dazzling Dark? Next, it’s all about Myxers!! Choose your accelerator, your bronzer, AND a scent. Customization, baby. Whichever Myxers you choose, with Mystic Kyss they are always gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and non-comedogenic.
  • Speed. In a hurry? A full-body tan in the Mystic Kyss takes just a quick three minutes.
  • No dreaded O’s. No orange, no odor!
  • Ease of use. Audio instructions, just two body positions, and a tan that dries before you leave the booth… #NoMess #NoStress #SoBlessed

So where do I find Mystic Kyss?

Contact your fave iTAN salon to chat with an expert! Mystic Kyss is not in every iTAN location, yet. (But many Mystic Kyss features are also available in the Mystic HD.)