New Franchisee Tips

Posted on February 22nd, 2017

Top Tips for New Franchisees

If you’ve just started your iTAN franchise, first of all, welcome to our family! iTAN began from the simple dream of a husband and wife, and is built on their values of hard work, persistence, and an unbeatable offering to customers. As you look ahead to operating your iTAN franchise, we have compiled some useful, “new franchisee” tips to help you on your way!

Top Tips for New Franchisees

  • Build a support network. Current and former iTAN franchise owners like yourself, can be a great source of insight, advice, and support. Talk to someone who knows just what you are going through, understanding your unique challenges and victories as an iTAN franchise owner.
  • Be 100% committed. When it comes to running your franchise, be hands-on! From developing your staff to customer service, as Small Business Trends says, “Your success is ultimately up to you”.
  • Lead by example. Establish yourself as a leader, not just a manager. Your attitude and leadership is what will motivate your team to be invested in making YOUR iTAN franchise a success. You define the customer experience!
  • Do not rush the hiring process. Avoid high turnover rates and lackluster employee performance by starting off on the right foot. Build a strong team (your dream team!) from day one.
  • Hire great employees and managers. Choose employees you can empower to take ownership of their critical role in your franchise. Their interaction with your customers is what will make or break your business! As Business Review USA explains, “Hire customer-centric staff who will go the extra mile to leave an extraordinary impression on your customers.”
  • Take pride in what you’ve accomplished. Every day, take a moment to say a few kind words to yourself. You have earned it!