Naturally Tan Women Can Spray Tan, Too

Posted on October 16th, 2017

We’ve always believed that everyone can benefit from the golden glow a spray tan gives you! After being in the glow biz for over 16 years, we are proud to debunk some common myths about spray tans. It may be a surprise to some, but one of the recent trends at our beauty and wellness salons is that naturally tan men and women are increasingly getting spray tans.

Our very own social media consultant, Jamie P., shared with us what it’s really like getting a spray tan when you’re already naturally tan. Here are her thoughts on going for the gold:

1. What were your initial thoughts on spray tans?
I felt that I was already tan so I didn’t think a spray tan could have any benefits for me. I always loved JLo’s glowy skin, and I know spray tans are very popular amongst celebrities. I figured, if it worked for JLo, it can work for me too!

2. How do you benefit from spray tans, if you’re already naturally tan?
I like getting spray tans because I feel that it evens out my skintone and gives me a golden glow that I don’t naturally have. A spray tan is the perfect way to boost my confidence regardless of whether I’m going to an event or simply spending the weekend out with my friends. My legs are naturally pale, so spray tans are the perfect way to even out my entire body.

3. What’s your favorite spray tan cocktail?
My favorite spray tan combo is the light Mystic spray tan with the Mocha Kyssed Bronzer! It gives me a natural brown base tan. Also, adding the bronzer helps some of the color show up instantly.

4. Why did you choose the Mystic spray tan?

I’ve tried every spray tan solution at iTAN and found that the Mystic did the most to enhance my natural color. I liked the Versa, but it was too close to my natural skin color, so I couldn’t tell a big difference. If I’m going to spray tan, I want to glow out!

5. How do you prep for your spray tan? Do you do anything differently?
Aside from the normal things like showering, exfoliating and using dark clothing, I don’t like to tan my face. I typically put a hair net over my face when I enter the Mystic booth. My face already tans easily in the sun, so it’s the darkest part of my body. The spray tan simply matches my face to my body.

6. Any other tips for naturally tan #iTANfans?
I would recommend for any naturally tan #iTANfan who wants to give spray tanning a shot to play around with different solutions and bronzers. The thing that got me hooked on spray tanning was realizing that the different bronzers change the undertone of the spray tan, which gave me the ability to customize each desired look. Playing around with different colors brought out my inner JLo.