Must-Have Spa Products

Posted on July 17th, 2017

Make your iTAN Spa experience EVEN better… with Spa products!

Recently we’ve been talking all about UV tanning lotions, and why you’ve just got to have them in your bronze goddess world. So now that you’re an expert on that, let’s talk Spa services and the awesome Spa products that are going to take your bliss out experience to the next level!

FIT Bodywrap

Far infrared heat to promote weight management, pain management, and detoxification.
Spa product must-have: FIT Booster Spray. Custom-developed and packed with plant-derived ingredients to decrease new fat cells AND breakdown existing fat cells. (P.S. It also helps reduce cellulite.) #LOVE

Photo Facials

Red and near infrared light to rejuvenate delicate skin. For clearing, radiance, or toning!
Spa product must-have: LightStim PhotoSerum. This serum enhances the benefits of the LightStim Photo Facial. It boosts your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, protects from free radical damage, AND enhances suppleness, elasticity, and tone. What wrinkles?

The Beauty Angel®

Beauty light to improve your complexion + Vibra-shape platform to tone your bod.
Spa product must-have: California Tan Restored Prep Spray. This lightweight Aloe Vera formula is designed to match the pH of your skin, and absorb quickly. Its Pu[red]™ Technology encourages the highest absorption of the beneficial beauty light.

The Hydration Station®

Infrared heat steam pod experience revitalizes your skin with moisture.
Spa product must-have: Slender Serum by Slimline. Pure essential oils like lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus provide soothing aromatherapy, moisturize, and encourage elimination of excess water. Bye bye bloating! 

Teeth Whitening

LED light and whitening gels for your brightest smile.
Spa product must-have: Chic Flic by Whiter Image. Keep the results of your salon whitening sesh bright with this adorbs portable pen that is whitening on one side, plumping lip gloss on the other! #SecretWeapon

Aqua Jet Therapy™

Heated water-pressure massage therapy to relieve tension and soreness.
Spa product must-have: Australian Gold Hemp Nation. This moisturizing lotion has amazing ingredients like pure hemp seed oil, Vitamins E and B5, and age-defying soft focus microspheres. Use this after care product in-between sessions to keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated! Trust us, your skin is going to LOVE you.