Must-Know Prom Tips

Posted on April 12th, 2017

Are you ready for prom?

From head to toe, these prom tips have got you covered. You are going to rock this night!


  • Break in your shoes BEFORE prom night.
  • Even better… dress up shoes you already own (and know are comfy) with DIY crystals and craft glue. Guaranteed not to hurt your toes, one of a kind, and SO pretty.


  • Use craft glue and crystals, fake flowers, or feathers to glam up hair ties and bobby pins!
  • Prom is no time for a boho bag. Keep your adorbs tiny purse or clutch organized using an empty breath mint tin to store your go-to lip gloss, nail file, etc.
  • A faux leather cord makes a super on-trend, DIY choker necklace—that won’t bust your budget. Wrap around twice and secure with a tiny bow in the front.


  • Rain in the forecast!? Gather your besties to decorate umbrellas with fabric markers and sparkle pens.


  • Get your nails done the day BEFORE prom—not the day of! (Can you say smudges?)


  • To make your lipstick last, apply one coat, dab with powder, apply second coat. Mwah!


  • The weekend before prom, treat yourself to a spa day.
  • The day before prom, stop in for a spray tanning session for a gorgeous bronze glow.


  • Host a getting ready party, and take tons of selfies with your girls.
  • Don’t worry about looking perfect—candids capture the best memories.

The most important prom tip of all

Even if your nails smudge, it’s raining sideways, and you wind up barefoot because those killer heels grew fangs and started biting your toes (please be careful if you wind up barefoot, seriously)—HAVE FUN. That is what matters most.