March: Going for the Green

Posted on March 1st, 2015

Hello soon-to-be green smoothie lover!

We went to the experts, our favorite Southern California-based bloggers, in search of the most delicious green smoothies and here are our findings. After all, you are what you eat.

The Skinny Confidential – The Look Like A Hottie Naked Smoothie
We love Lauryn Evarts’ witty insight on all things nutrition, fashion, beauty and more, but we especially love her version of the green smoothie – The Look Like A Hottie Naked Smoothie. This smoothie embraces the mantra of looking good for yourself! Since we love living a healthy, confident style, what’s better than spinach, bananas, raspberries and some optional add ons like plant-based protein powder?

The Little Leopard Book – Lean and Green Superfood Smoothie
San Diego-based gal, Whitney Bond always has the most amazing everyday recipes that make us feel like at-home chefs. We’re huge fans of all of her buffalo sauce-inspired recipes, but this time we decided to go with the lean and green.  Whitney was inspired by a few recipes she tried a fun spot in Del Mar and simplified them. Props to Whitney- now we can all take advantage of the green smoothie wellness perks at home.

Tasty Yummies – Sweet Green Smoothie (Banana Broccoli)
Beth of Tasty Yummies has inspired us to take advantage of the fact that we live in Southern California and have the best in whole, unprocessed foods. Vegans will especially loves this recipe because it avoids all animal by-products without skimping on any protein benefits. Beth swaps out the usual kale and spinach for broccoli. According to Beth, “Broccoli has amazing antioxidant benefits plus about twice the daily recommended amount of vitamin C and half of vitamin A.”

Paleo Cupboard – The Green Machine
The meat lover in us loves the Paleo diet’s focus on lean meats but we’re especially loving The Green Machine during the month of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (green eggs and ham)! Amy of the Paleo Cupboard promises that this smoothie is perfect for adventurous and traditional palates alike. She said, “Even my picky 6 year old loves it, and she is a connoisseur of fine juice.”

Culinary Hill – Pineapple Paradise Green Smoothie
Meggan of Culinary Hill is inspired by the fresh and local ingredients available in Southern California year round. The Pineapple Paradise Green Smoothie blends pineapple, avocado and spinach for a sweet, yet refreshing taste. All it takes is 5 simple ingredients including ice, spinach, avocado, pineapple and water.

Cheers to beauty from the inside out, bottoms up! 

Image by Whitney Bond on her blog {link to}