Make this Valentine’s Day Special!

Posted on February 10th, 2014

The Valentine’s Day Pre-Date Ritual

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day!

It’s a day filled with thoughts of love, gifts and exciting dates. All the hype around the holiday gives most nerves about looking and feeling their best.

Let iTAN help you achieve the look that you want for this special night with our Valentine’s Day Checklist!

1. Teeth Whitening – A beautiful smile is one of the most important things for making sure that your night goes according to plan.
2. Double Dip – Get the best of both worlds with 1 Sun Session, and 1 Spray Session.
3. FIT Bodywrap – Burn a few extra calories and detox before the big night with FIT Bodywrap!
4. Aquajet Therapy – Melt away some of that pre-date stress.
5. The Romance Collection – Take your glow to the next level with these divine products. This package of 3 products is only $99 ($150 value) specifically designed your Valentine’s Day.

The package includes: Girlfriend Sexy Legs, 5 oz.; Adore, 13.5 oz.; Dressed in Love Moisturizer, 10 oz.

And to all the guys out there, your lady has gone all out for you. Make sure she knows you appreciate it!

Here are a few date ideas that will leave her smiling:

1. A beach picnic – Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean a fancy dinner, enjoy San Diego’s beautiful coastline with your valentine!
2. A drive-in movie – This date idea is a throwback to the days of chivalry, be a gentleman and show your valentine a good time!
3. A hike – Another way to take advantage of San Diego’s beautiful outdoors. Be active this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the scenery!

Shed the stress of Valentine’s Day this year and let iTAN help you love the way you look and feel!