iTAN’s Secrets to Feeling Great

Posted on October 30th, 2015

Enjoy holiday soirees without the guilt. Yes, it’s possible! Some of iTAN’s best secrets to feeling great are found in our FIT Bodywrap. Its infrared bodywrap technology can provide benefits of weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and relaxation. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, all good things come to those who sweat!

Here are our secrets to feeling great this holiday season:

1.  Weight Loss: What’s the difference between hot air saunas and FIT Bodywrap? During a 60-minute FIT Bodywrap session you can sweat out solids including fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxins that won’t be replaced when you hydrate. The solids make up 15-20% of the volume of sweat produced during an infrared session such as FIT Bodywrap, whereas, a sauna only produces 3-5%. A FIT Bodywrap session at iTAN can even help you burn calories during and after each session because it helps speed up your metabolism or the calories you burn at rest.

2. Detoxification: A healthy outside starts from the inside! FIT Bodywrap’s infrared heat therapy can be effective in detoxification by helping remove fats, cholesterol and other toxins found within our bodies. Although our bodies can detoxify through general sweat, infrared heat as found in FIT Bodywrap can penetrate 1-2 inches, heating areas where fats and toxins have been stored.

3. Pain Relief: Fun holiday activities and workouts can leave us looking to relieve sore muscles. A recent study found that chronic pain patients experienced a 70% reduction in pain levels after their first infrared therapy session, such as that in FIT Bodywrap. A single FIT Bodywrap session can help increase blood flow to sooth muscles.

4. Relaxation: With joyful holiday reunions quickly filling up your calendar, it’s just as important to sneak in some “me” time this season. FIT Bodywrap users have reported that a 60-minute FIT Bodywrap session can lead to a sense of profound relaxation. Scientific evidence shows that immersive infrared thermotherapy, such as that in FIT Bodywrap, helps maintain healthy levels of cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone that raises the heart rate and blood pressure, simply known as stress.

Relax, enjoy and celebrate! Happy holidays from iTAN.