iTAN Sun Services

Posted on May 5th, 2017

The perfect tanning plan… for everyone!

iTAN sun services were thoughtfully designed with every customer in mind.

  • New to tanning and hoping to build a subtle bronze before summer time?
  • Maintain your glow year-round?
  • Have a wedding coming up, and need to quickly even out some of those awkward tan lines? (We’ve all been there!)

Wherever you’re at, and whatever your bronze beauty needs, iTAN’s expert consultants will help you choose the best sun services for you.

Check out the tanning options below, and come visit us soon!

Sun Pro

This plan is designed for golden gods and goddesses who love to get their tan on. It’s an all-access pass to EVERY sunbed in the salon, from building to bronzing. It also lets you experience the two pro bed options below.

  • Sun Pro Skin Sensing Sunbed: It could be the smartest, most luxurious sunbed ever. Skin-sensing technology actually calculates a custom session for you, based on your skin type. Gradually build a balanced, natural tan as you enjoy aromatherapy, aqua mist, climate control, facial bronzing, and the ability to plug in your own music. #Wow
  • Sun Pro High Performance Bronzing Sunbed: Deepen your base tan and achieve long-lasting, natural results. Sun Pro means of course it’s luxury all the way!

Sun Plus

This plan is for the sun-tanner who loves options. Sun Plus provides all of the essentials for that sought-after sun-kissed glow, and gives you the freedom to choose a relaxing lying down or stand-up experience! What mood are you in today? Sun Plus has you covered.

  • Sun Plus Lie-Down: This sunbed features customizable shoulder and facial bronzers.
  • Sun Plus Stand-Up: Too energized for the sunbed? No problem! (The Sun Plus Stand-Up is also a favorite for maintaining in between Sun Pro sessions.)

Sun Lite

This plan gives you access to the Lite Sunbed, a comfortable and traditional tanning experience perfect for newcomers to tanning! Proven and reliable, perfect for gradually building color.