iTAN Spa: Feel and Look Your Best!

Posted on April 21st, 2014

The benefits of iTAN’s spa services and products are undeniable. Do you want to feel more relaxed? Less stressed? And, more comfortable in your own skin? If so, iTAN’s Spa services are for you.

Let’s start things off with the FIT Bodywrap- a calorie burning system that will help you take steps towards achieving and maintaining the figure you’ve always dreamed of. FIT Bodywrap uses Far Infrared (FIR) Energy to help lose weight, detoxify and relieve pain.

After a calorie-burning FIT session try the Lumiére Facial, a LED system that works to rejuvenate and restore youthfulness to your face and neck while enhancing the way your skin looks and feels. Couple this with a full body Beauty Angel session to make your skin feel amazing and replenished!

Our Hydration Station system is the perfect way to hydrate your skin before a tanning session through a mineral steam treatment.  While the Hydration Station is the perfect way to hydrate before a tanning session, our Aqua Jet Therapy service provides an amazing massage experience anytime, fully clothed, and in complete privacy. Beyond that our Teeth Whitening services allows our clients to complete their Spa tour with a brilliantly white smile.

Visit your local iTAN salon today to experience all of these amazing services and to learn how your iTAN experience can reduce your stress and increase your self-confidence.