Every iTAN Service Is $1

Posted on February 17th, 2017

Ever thought about how much you can get for $1? During the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale on February 24-26, 2017, all sun, spray and spa services are just $1. Literally. From sun tanning, detoxifying bodywraps and spray tans, you can try as many iTAN services as you want for $1 during the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale.

Check out what you can get for a buck during the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale:
1. Sun (tanning)
Regularly priced from $10 to $35 for a single sun or tanning session, you can try any Sun Lite, Sun Plus or Sun Pro tanning bed for only $1. Sun Lite and Sun Plus Lie-Down or Stand-Up sunbeds help build color, and Sun Pro sunbeds help you achieve a deep, dark long-lasting color. Give yourself a day or two between sun sessions to reveal a balanced sun-kissed glow.

You can also try our Sun Pro Skin Sensing Sunbed to experience a luxurious customized session that virtually eliminates overexposure. The skin sensing technology takes photos of your coloring to provide you with a custom sunlight output.

2. Spray (spray tan)
Usually $35, Mystic HD and VersaPro Spray Booth spray tan sessions will be $1 exclusively during the iTAN Semi-Annual Sale. Can’t pick one?

Mystic has three different colors from light, medium to dark all with a bronze undertone that complements every skin tone.

VersaSpa Spray Booth provides one color, so when you select light, medium or dark you’re selecting how much solution will be dispensed. The VersaPro solution has a natural brown undertone suitable for all skin tones.

Spa (spa services)
Regularly priced from $20 to $90, take your pick from our six spa services, including: FIT Bodywrap, Teeth Whitening, Hydration Station, Photo Facial, Beauty Angel and Aqua Jet Therapy for $1.

FIT Bodywrap
Summer bodies are made in the winter! FIT Bodywrap employs clinically proven infrared heat that penetrates the body, eliminating stored fats and toxins naturally through sweating.

Teeth Whitening
iTAN’s Teeth Whitening system uses LED light and whitening gels containing 36 percent carbamide peroxide to give you instantly whiter teeth for the perfect smile.

Hydration Station
The Hydration Station’s advanced skincare helps prepare, prolong and protect the skin before any sun or spray service.

Photo Facial
Restoring youthfulness to the face and neck, the Photo Facial can be customized with serums for the ultimate lift, radiance and clarity.

Beauty Angel
Beauty Angel can be used for a variety of benefits, including the promotion of youthful skin, toning, reducing impurities and protection from environmental factors.

Aqua Jet Therapy
The Aqua Jet Therapy allows you to enjoy a heated water pressure experience with targeted delivery to increase circulation and relieve muscle tensions while you relax.

Mark your calendar, #iTANfan! The iTAN Semi-Annual Sale is happening Feb 24-26, 2017.