Meet the 2017 iTAN Ambassadors

Posted on July 20th, 2017

Get to know your 2017 iTAN Ambassadors! We’re so excited to have Austin, Sabrina and Natalie & Nikole as our 2017 brand representatives. This year, they’ll be sharing their iTAN experiences with their social media communities.

Check out how they use Sun, Spray and Spa in their everyday life:

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Austin: I originally grew up in Simi Valley, Calif. and now I live in Downtown San Diego.
Sabrina: I’m born and raised in California and have lived in San Diego my entire life.
Natalie & Nikole: We’re from beautiful San Diego and have lived here ever since! How could we leave? We currently live in La Jolla and try to always stay next to the beach.

What’s your favorite part of living the Southern California lifestyle?
Austin: I always love being near the beach and constantly being able to go out in the sun. I am also pretty active, so it’s helpful that I never have to worry about the weather.
Sabrina: My favorite part of living in Southern California would definitely have to be the beach life that’s right down the street from me.
Natalie & Nikole: My favorite part of living the Southern California lifestyle is that it’s the perfect balance of chilling and working.

What’s most important to you in your life and why?
Austin: Other than my family being the most important thing in my life, I would say food. I love trying new dishes and experimenting with random ingredients in the kitchen.
Sabrina: The most important thing to me right now is working hard to achieve everything I want in life. I strive everyday to do something that my future self will thank me for. Of course, a close second to that is my family and my boyfriend. Their support and love is something that I couldn’t go without.
Natalie & Nikole: The most important thing to us is family and health. Family over anything and health is your greatest concern. Our family is pretty close and we all try to live a healthy lifestyle.

What makes you most excited about being one of the 2017 iTAN Brand Ambassadors?
Austin: I’m most excited about being able to try all the different services that are offered!
Sabrina: There are a couple of reasons why I’m excited! The first is that I’ve been a loyal #iTANfan and customer for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. Furthermore, when I find something that works for me, I love sharing it with others. Being an ambassador will allow me to do so through social media, so I’m excited to share the awesome experiences I’ve had with iTAN.
Natalie & Nikole: Being able to represent a brand that supports my current lifestyle: healthy and active. Also, representing a company who knows treating yourself is a complete necessity. Work hard, spa harder, hehe!

What message do you hope to share with the iTAN communities?
Austin: The salons always have great deals going on, so it will be a fun and easy way to let my friends know when to go in and take advantage of the best deals.
Sabrina: I hope to share that if you’re confident in your own skin, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. iTAN helps me feel confident and good about myself, and I want to share with others that iTAN can do the same for them.
Natalie & Nikole: The message we hope to share is to treat your body with ultimate care because it’s the only one you have. If that means coming in for facials or Aqua Jet Therapy everyday, don’t let anyone stop you.

Which sun, spray and spa services are your favorite?
Austin: Typically I will use the Sun services the most, but I love the Hydration Station! I always feel super refreshed afterwards.
Sabrina: I’d have to pick three! First, the Sun Pro sunbeds! There’s simply no doubt I always get a great bronzed look, and my color stays for a while. Next, Mystic all the way! The Mystic always delivers the perfect golden-brown tan. Lastly, the FIT Bodywrap because I always leave feeling refreshed.
Natalie & Nikole: We love the spa services! The Photo Facials are amazing and even after one treatment, your face glows!

Which products do you recommend?
Austin: If I had to pick just one, I would suggest trying out the Teeth Whitening kits. They work extremely well, and you can tell a difference really fast.
Sabrina: As far as products go, my favorite sunbed tanning lotion is Black by Designer Skin! The silky smooth texture keeps my skin soft, and not to mention it gives me an amazing bronzed look. When I spray tan, I never go without the Mystic Accelerator. It really helps give an all-over even look to my spray tan.
Natalie & Nikole: The Hydration Station before any service! It will leave your skin so moisturized and soft. We recommend the Sunless Pro Advanced Face because it hydrates and tans your face keeping you healthy and beautiful.

What do you hope to accomplish in your iTAN Ambassador role?
Sabrina: As an iTAN ambassador, I hope to leave a positive impact on those who read my social media posts about iTAN.
Natalie & Nikole: I hope to accomplish relaying the message that confidence is key. No need to follow the lifestyle of someone you only know through a screen. Find what moves YOU, and self-confidence will always follow. Now, if all you need is a little pick-me-up, go for a spray tan!

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