Swoon-Worthy SoCal Instagrammers

Posted on March 16th, 2017

Do you need yet another reason to scroll through your Instagram feed? Our team rounded up the top 5 swoon-worthy SoCal Instagram accounts to follow. Liven up your newsfeed beyond typical brunch and sunset pics with some of our fave SoCal-based Instagram superstars:

1. The Skinny Confidential
No macaroons and no peonies! SoCal babe Lauryn Evarts is a favorite to follow because she has no filter, while looking absolutely fabulous. As she says, it’s all about kale on one hand and champagne on the other. Plus, we’ve recently been swooning over her gothic-chic wedding.

2. Remi Ishizuka
Named one of the top fitness blogs of 2016, Remi Ishizuka inspires us to stay fit and travel the world. We especially like seeing all her raw Instagram Stories without all the fun filters; it simply feels more authentic! Remi is also not intolerant to gluten which makes us feel better about that occasional extra pizza slice.

3. Rocky Barnes
We love Rocky Barnes’ no-makeup look and all-around SoCal vibe! Thanks to the SoCal native, we don’t have to look any further for some outfit of the day inspiration (OOTD). It’s no wonder she was picked for Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” music video.

4. Siren Floral Co.
We must have flowers always, and always! Flower power isn’t just a 60s thing, there’s something about their beautiful aesthetic that makes us feel more up, less stressed and extra creative. The magic of flowers turns our home into a sanctuary, but since we can’t have fresh flowers every day, we’ll take Siren Floral Co.

5. Norbert The Dog
The Norberthood is probably one of the top “instalocations,” at least in our book anyway. A three-pound therapy dog and philanthropist, Norbert is our Instagram BFF whether he knows it or not.